Friday 29 June 2012

Tutorial, Thinking, Light Box and Small Bites!

What a strange combination my title is for this post!

The workshop and template to show you how to make this waterlily and dragon fly to embellish a tag and a card will soon be available to purchase from my Etsy shop.

I have made several paper flower canvases in the past and I think that this waterlily would make a fab addition.

Next up on the title ' Thinking' I just had to share this photo with you.  Taken in the garden - in between the showers!  Comet is definitely thinking deep thoughts!  'I love this view of the garden, how peaceful it is without the humans (not counting the photographer sat next to me)' or 'I think that apple tree has got a bug problem this year but the cherry tree seems fine for once'.  Whatever it is he is definitely taking a moment......Of course it could be 'When I jump off this swing I must remember to run or it will hit me on the derrière - very undignified!'  What do you think he is thinking.

Light Box is next up.  I have just completed the frame for my light box that will, I hope, let me take more professional shots of my paper crafting projects.  I was researching on the fabulous facility which is the world wide web and I found a brilliant tutorial and thought that is exactly what I want to make.  I was looking at professional cubes for about £300 which quite frankly is not in my budget until I am rich and famous one day!!

This is the frame and it took less than half an hour mainly because I used a hacksaw to cut the pipe.  If I had a proper tool to do the job - 10 minutes max!

Here is a link to the clever Pam Sparks who shared there fab idea and tutorial on her Blog Expressions With Heart.  The really nice thing about it is that it folds flat!  I am going to leave mine up and I am just trying to decide if  I should make it a fraction smaller.  Once that decision is made all I need to do is make a cover from a sheet and buy lights with daylight bulbs and a couple of large sheets of paper in different colours and I am ready to make like a professional photographer.

Last but not least is a saying I heard recently that I have repeated often lately.  As some of you might know I am setting up my own on line business and it is a bit of a mammoth task.  Particularly as I see to have to learn something new each job I complete towards my goal.  The light box is a case in point.  Some days you just think it is just too huge and it is then when these words come into my head.  'How do you eat an elephant?  One small bite at a time!'  I think I heard Laura Dennison of Following the Paper Trail use it recently on one of her videos.  So another 'Small Bite' on my journey munched today! 

There is one small thought that niggles in the back of my mind....what if another elephant wants to sit on my plate?  And on that thought I will wish you goodnight :-)

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  1. If another elephant wants to sit on your plate, it will need to move over and wait it's turn ;)

    I think Comet maybe thinking what I would be, "Please lose the camera, I hate having my picture taken!" haha

    Have a great weekend Helen x


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