Sunday 4 September 2016

12 Journals of 2016 - March

Hi everyone

I hope you have all been having a wonderful summer.  I have been busy and seem to have taken a little time off blogging and making videos but don't worry I have still been getting my fix of creativity!  So before I get to this:

Just thought I would share what I have been up to as it has been very creative but in a different way!  I have been helping Mum!  I have been getting all painty and decoraty!  It has been fun spending Mum's money ;-)  Here is her bedroom all finished and looking lovely (if I do say so myself!!!!)  We are now working on her Lounge so I will share that with you when it is all looking gorgeous again.

I have also been up-cycling and have a new chair in my bedroom.  Here are the before and after shots:

Remember this one?

Well it now has a matching bedside table!

I loved doing this look and they look fab in Callum's room and help keep it tidy to…..ok well that may be a step to far for now ;-)

I have long been meaning to cover this Ikea sofa……..

……and then inspired by the most perfect fabrics I did this and I have to say even to an amateur like me it was easy peasy and I would recommend it to anyone as the sofa easily comes apart to make covering simple.

 I have to say that this will probably be the only time it looks like this as it is mostly used as a cupboard!!!

We also had another trip to the hospital with Callum's knee and he had it stretched which I know sounds painful and it was but thankfully he got to sleep through it.  Here he is all recovered and attached to a knee bending machine.

He has definitely been through it this year but he is doing well and is back in the Gym …….not quite up to tumbling yet but every day sees him getting closer.  Fingers crossed and thank goodness for the talented surgeon and staff of the NHS!

So that was my summer with a few lovely days in the garden of course so now it is back to sharing the creativity and this one is a catch up page in my 12 Journals of 2016 series all pages inspired by Tim Holz's 12 Tags of 2016.

This was Tim's tag where he mixed two of his previous techniques to achieve this new look and this was the page it inspired:

As you can see it is a little more feminine than Tim's but the techniques are there only my version of them as you will see in this video:

I wish you all a Happy Sunday and hope you are finding time to create.  I am hoping to get another page caught up as I am a bit behind this year…..well ok a lot behind lol!

Thank you for popping by X
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