Monday 30 June 2014

12 Tags of 2014 - June

By the skin of my teeth this month.  Just realised that June is a short month ;-) !!!!

I thought I would explain here today to any new visitor popping by what this tag challenge is all about. This is my third year of playing along with Tim Holtz 12 Tags of 20….14 this year.  Each month Tim posts a tag to inspire the folk that want to play along.  Each month there is always a technique or three to try you hand at and lots of lovely inspiration to spur you on to create your own unique take on his tag.  What I love about this challenge is that it doesn't matter your level of expertise nor the size of you Tim/Ranger stash just make a tag.  If you follow any of my links back to the challenge site you will see lots and lots more examples of what one tag can inspire.

Here is Tim's Tag for this month's inspiration:

and here is my interpretation…..

So you can see what I mean about interpretation here are the elements that are in both our tags.  Starting at the top I followed Tim's instructions to create a Paula style bow for the top of my tag.  I decided to try the main technique which was using distress inks to colour a stencil and to create a print with it for the background of the tag.  As you can see I used a heart stencil as I do not have the star one yet.  I also used my distress paints rather than ink as I do not have the minis and I found the smaller applicator of the paint easier to handle.  I have switched my wording to the opposite side and have used stickers rather than a stamp and as I do not have the lovely butterflies I went with the roulette wheel which actually was my starting point and led to the colour scheme and theme of my tag this month.  Ta Da!

I will post a video tomorrow sometime with all the details of exactly how I put this together as this is so late I need to get linked up now!!!!!

I really hope if you haven't heard of this challenge you will follow this link to 12 Tags of 2014 to see all the fun you could be having!!!!

You could also pop along to my You Tube channel and look for the 12 Tags of 2014 playlist you will be able to see all the tags I have made this year!  There is a link in my side bar on the right to my You Tube Channel.

Here is my tag all neatly stored away in this year's storage!  If you want to make one of these for your tags then I have an online workshop for sale where I show you how.  There is a purchase button on my side bar (left) or click here to go to my ETSY shop to see all of my workshops as well as this one.

Until tomorrow ……You Tube willing!!!!! Video is up so I am adding the link now!

Thank you for popping by X

…….And another Challenge Layout!

…..I told you I loved this mood board by Di Garling from the Scrap Around the World June challenge.

Yesterday I was cropping with my friends and I thought I would have another play with these fun colour and the black and white stripes!

I had a ton of fun creating this.  It is not how I usually scrapbook but I loved it.  I will definitely be trying this style again.  For my first attempt I kept it simple.  But simple takes planning!!!!  Where are you going to put the photos?  Where is the title and what about the journalling?  You can see that the journalling didn't find a home yet!

I used the tiniest scraps of paper and washi tape and mixed and matched letters from an old sticker sheet.  I had to borrow the 'e' in me from my friend Jacqui … was brown but I coloured it in!

As I write this I have come up with a plan for that journalling ….I am going to tell you all about my families trips to many photo booths around the UK, usually at days out to the seaside….these days the booths are mostly used to take awful Passport Photos…..I am convinced there is a gremlin in there picking out the worst bits of folk to feature in their Passport Photo that they have to live with for 10 years!!!!!  I can hear him cackling to himself as he takes my money and shows me my faults in quadruplicate!!!!

……I digress oh yes….My Dad in particular loved these booths.  We have lots of little strips of our family posing….one nice one……one silly one!  I have to asks my Mum why on earth she left my hood up!!!!! and where was my little brother???  I think he may have been in a pram looking at the age of me…….talking of the silly ones ……maybe this is why the passport photo gremlin does his thing….he has taken personally all the weird faces that have been pulled in his booth over the years and now it is PAYBACK time…….;-)

And all that journalling I am going to write really small around the outside of the layout to create a written frame.

I am definitely going to make a scrapbook tutorial showing you how I tackled this style and I think it will make a great introduction for anyone thinking of doing something a little more arty on their scrapbook layouts.

A big thank you from me to the team at Scrap Around the World for a great challenge site.  I highly recommend you follow the links to see some fabulous layouts inspired by this months wonderful mood board.

Thank you for popping by X

OMGoodness I have just realised their are only 30 days in June and I haven't completed this months 12 tags of 2014!  Better get  wriggle on!!!!  Watch this space……I'll be back ;-)

Saturday 28 June 2014

Scrap Around the World June Challenge

Just a quick post to share a layout inspired by the June Challenge over at Scrap Around the World:

I really love the colours of this one and I happened to have a photo that suited the mood board perfectly….So colour and LOVE was my inspiration.  I used a photo that was taken, I thought, by me and the more I think about it, the more I seem to remember a friend might have taken it and it was their printer that ran out of ink…..It was a little while ago now as Callum is 15 so…….maybe the friend will remember if it wasn't me and let me know!!!.  Either way it is true…... I LOVE this photo and the little man in it and part of its charm is that the ink started to run out on the printer!

I had fun with this layout using lots of different techniques.

I got some of my new stencils a little bit painty!!!  I used distress paint instead of ink to define my edges.

As usual I cut a section from my base card stock to create a mat for my photo….waste not want not…...

I covered 2 chipboard arrows with the reverse of the grey paper and added more stencilling with my favourite dot fades.

Trying to break out from my normal scrapbooking habits I heat embossed the pattern on the grey paper with black and pewter embossing powders using a combination of my Perfect Medium pen and my quickie glue pen.  The quickie glue pen worked really well for those fine pewter lines.

The photo was added next…look at that cute little face….don't you just want to pinch his cheeks!!!!  Good job Callum won't read this ;-)

I found some hearts in my little box of chipboard and unused die cuts ( a moth flew out when I opened that tin!!!)  I added pewter embossing to the heart and slightly outlined some of the dots on the arrow.  A couple of found die cut flowers and that made the nice little arrangement top right.

Bottom left was where I placed the title which my friend Jo cut out for me with her lovely new cutting machine.  Look how fine it cut everything.  The big flowers was hand cut from a yummy Heidi Grace paper I have had stashed away carefully since forever!  The top flower has a flock finish to it.  The 100% original brad was painted with Distress Paint as it was cream and didn't stand out enough.  I rubbed it over with sandpaper to reveal the wording once the paint was dry…….One more step…..

….Yes that 'might not be quite true journalling'…….I think I might add PTO and write the full story on the back of the layout….I might even get a call to tell me what the true story truly is ;-)!!!!

So that is how I got to here!  It was fun trying new things and I hope you pop along to Scrap Around the World to check out all the lovely Mixed Media layouts inspired by the gorgeous mood board at the top of this post.

Hope you are all having a fab weekend….I am off to a crop tomorrow so I really must get my bags containing everything but the kitchen sink ready to avoid the early morning rush!!!

Thanks for popping by X

Wednesday 25 June 2014

At Last….New Online Workshop Available to purchase NOW!!!!

This has been a long time coming - over a year in fact since I designed this project for Callum's 14th birthday.  I have no idea why it has taken me so long as I love this project.  I am adding the project to my sidebar so you can just click on the Paypal button and purchase your copy of this workshop or you can follow this link to my EYSY shop to accomplish the same thing!

The difference between the two is that ETSY has an instant download function so as soon as a workshop is paid for you are sent the instructions and video links immediately.  If you choose to purchase from my sidebar you may have to wait slightly longer if I am away from my computer to get your file.

Ta da!  The Pyramid Mini is the perfect keepsake gift for that special occasion or person in your life.  In my online workshop with full video and photographic instructions I will walk you through the creation of this project step by step.

The Pyramid Mini Base houses a Mini Album so you can add photos and journal about that special someone or special celebration.

Then the surprise element.  Open up the large then the small pyramid to reveal the surprise within…..

The final video in the series of 6 that make up this workshop shows you lots of ideas for personalising and adding the surprise element to the center of the two pyramids.  Here is the original design I made for Callum:

….and here is what it looks like opened up revealing the surprise within…….

So if you want to join me in the craft room to make the Pyramid Mini then please purchase this workshop and I will be with you in a jiffy!  Don't forget the beauty of an online workshop is you can work at your own pace and you can pause me when you want to make a cup of coffee and rewind me as many times as you like!  I won't mind a bit ;-)

All my projects are easier than they look when I take you step by step through the process of creating them so why not give it a go.

Only £8.00 so please press the button to purchase your copy now.

or pop along to my ETSY shop to check out this and other online workshops.

I will be back shortly to post the You Tube advert once it has uploaded so you can see lots of ideas to personalise this fun and unusual project.  The Pyramid Mini makes a wonderful keepsake gift for any special occasion.

Thank you for popping by X

Tuesday 24 June 2014

My very first Video Tutorial

Hi Everyone

I am going to start this post with a little catch up photo on the status of the pond:

Loving how the rocks have turned out at the back I just need to plant up behind them…..back in the water for me it is then!!!  The pipe you see poking out of the rocks is going to be attached to piece of copper pipe or maybe an old tap…….that could be quite interesting.  I need to re-do the edge of the pond that runs along the wall - that is why the pebbles are there.  I was going to try and do that today but it has just started raining so maybe tomorrow.

Once those two jobs are done we are going to empty out the pool…which I think is going a bit green and I need to look that up to see how to prevent that.  Fish out any debris I have dropped into the pool during construction! and then refill ready to add plants and eventually fish….again need to read up about this as we have never looked after a pond.  We want to create an area for the birds to get to the water and the frogs to get out too….almost there.

I was having a bit of a clear out or my video files.  They are quite big and even though I have a huge hard drive they soon fill up my memory so I have an external drive to store the video files and then I can make more!!!!  So where was I?…..Oh yes I found the first video I ever made and remembered it was never posted.  At the time it was too long and I was only allowed to upload 15 minute videos and didn't know how to change that as I was new to You Tube as well.  Way back in September 2012 everything was new to me!

At the time I was an avid participant in the Tag Tuesday Challenge and these were two of my creations resulting from different themes that are posted each week.  I really enjoyed making the blackberry and sugar stick embellishments and thought it would make a fun tutorial.

So today I am posting that video - I was tempted to re do it but then decided it was a fun record of my You Tube journey and is still a useful little tutorial.  Have a look….I really hope it makes you smile … made me chuckle as way back then I didn't know how to do voice overs and I remember my brain whirring like crazy and trying desperately not to say Ummmm too many times ;-)

Before I go I also wanted to share a link to my friend Annie's blog…….I recently shared a mixed media canvas tutorial and I was pleased as punch to see what it inspired.  Here is my original piece:

The video I made was aimed at trying to break down the process of creating the canvas into easy steps to encourage newbies to have a go at mixed media….Follow this link and you will be amazed at what Annie has created.  I love how fabulous Annie's page looks with all the zingy colours.  Please follow this link and check it out!  There is also a surprise creation that will make you smile that goes with the journal page.  I am looking forward to seeing more …….oh can't say too much or I will give away the surprise!

I just want to finish up by saying if you are new to my blog don't forget to subscribe if you like what you see…..there is tons and tons of creativity to check out so please have a really good look around!

'Till next time thank you for popping by X

Friday 20 June 2014

Three Posts in One Week! Making up for a Lull!

Hi everyone.  I hope you are looking forward to a fun weekend.  We have family coming to stay so I am taking a break from housework and bed making to share this little project with you.  You may have read that I was lucky enough to win a giveaway by Madga who designs fab stamps for Stampotique and I couldn't wait to get started.

The little stamp is called Ignis and I was inspired by the fact I think she looks in need of a hug and I had recently been given this cute little heart shaped wooden frame by my fried Deb.

I recently took part in an ATC swap and I loved the look of the book pages with the red and the blue that I used on my cards so I really enjoyed creating this piece in the same style.  I am entering my project in Stampotique's SDC 152: Sentimental Challenge which was to use some of your favourite words in your project so I think my little Ignis frame will work for that.  I hope you like what I have created and it gives you a few ideas.  If you want to see how I made this then please watch my video that I have posted below…….a bit shorter than the last video tutorial!

So a big thank you to Magda for my new stamp and I wish you all a wonderful weekend ……the sun is shining in our garden and I hope it is in yours too!

Thank you for popping by X

Wednesday 18 June 2014

Blog Posts are Like Busses…...

……...Nothing for two weeks and then two come along at once!!!!!

Just popping in to join in with the  fun over at the Simon Says Stamp Challenge this week.  It seems ages since I played along.  This week was fun as the theme is anything goes!

So here is my entry.  Lots of paint, Paper and a few pretty flowers……

I decided to also challenge myself to keep it simple-ish and to limit my use of products as I wanted to make a video tutorial to encourage newbies to give Mixed Media a go.  I wanted to break the process of creation into easy to follow steps as I am sure at first glance any Canvas or Art Journal Page looks quite  complicated.

So thank you to the Team at Simon Says Stamp for this fun theme and I am sure there is going to be a huge variety of wonderful art shared as a result.  I really enjoyed putting my canvas together and hope that the video tutorial …..though lengthy!………encourages more people to get painty and in my case gluey too!

Here is the tutorial……definitely a cup of coffee and a slice of cake as you watch this one!

Thank you for popping by X

WOYWW 263 - Has it really been Two Weeks?!

I can't believe what a bad blogger I have been.  It has been two weeks since I last posted.  I had better get a bit more organised.  Today is Wednesday at least it is here in the UK - another grey start to the day in Derby but it seems to be brightening up a bit.  I am linking up with Stamping Ground for WOYWW and I want to share this photo first.

Five lovely ATCs on my desk to add to my collection!  A big thank you to Regina, Krisha, Diane, Maggie and Eliza for sending me your wonderful ATCs they are now in my treasure chest so I can take a peek next time I want some inspiration.

Something else that arrived on my desk:

The lovely Magda over at  had a couple of giveaways and I won!  Yesterday the lovely Ignis arrived for me to play with along with this fab tag from Magda.  Needless to say I have already inked up my new stamp and I will share the results with you on a later post as I made a video of all the inky painty fun I had.

Here are another couple of photos in the spirit of Desk Hopping and for your perusal!

I finally delved into this corner cupboard and tidied it up…..though I'm not sure it is apparent from this photo….it was much worse before I promise….the same cannot be said for the box which is waiting for me to sort it out after it fell off a shelf spilling all its goodies all over the floor!

This is supposed to be a bit of an arty shot and a sneak peek of my next online workshop project that seems to be taking me forever and ever to get finished!

…..and last but not least shelves!  I am not sure if I have shared them before.  The top two shelves are Ikea CD towers hung horizontally and they work a treat for stacking and storing lots of stash!

I think that is it from me as I have a challenge to enter next!  I will be desk hopping tonight when the footie is on the TV!  If you want to know why I am showing you shots of what is on my desk this fine day then please follow this link where you will meet lots of lovely creative folk all around the world….Have fun!

Thank you for popping by X

Wednesday 4 June 2014

WOYWW 261 - The first step to the next Anniversary!

Hello fellow WOYWW folk and anyone else happening this way.  Hold on to your hats for a very scary ride.  Those of you with neatness tendencies my find the following photos offensive! Tee Hee

This one is not too bad.  This is my photo desk being used as a dumping ground!  On the floor is the hood of our broken extractor fan…..that is hubbies' mess!….anyone would think this used to be his office ;-)

Quick tidy up and I can now use the desk for photo shoots!  I have hung two of my canvases as I don't want to ruin them.  You can see that I don't really have a view out of my windows as my craft room/s used to be a garage and it looks out under the car port.

Again not too bad just a few bits and pieces resting a while where they don't belong!

I have a couple of baskets of cards I am going to donate to a worthy cause……..oh and that pile of filing…'s my pesky hubbies again!

Brace yourself this is a more scary shot!  I have been working on a layout and have gotten a bit stuck with where to take it next……..Mind you I can't sit down now to finish it off as the chair has stash being stored on it!

All neat and tidy again and ready to work on finishing this off - I had better get on with it as I have a canvas brewing in my head and a June tag to make and a final video for my next workshop too.  Mmmm I think I may be tidying again very soon.

Now those with an OCD disposition brace yourselves!

Once craft area tidy…….one more to go ha ha.  But I am all tidied out and need some WOYWW time. If you have no idea what that is then please follow the link to a wonderful blog.

Now for news on the anniversary swap.  My ATCs are arriving yippee!!!!!  So far I have had 3 pretty ones from the lovely Hettie, Jill and Annie.  I am checking the post every day in anticipation.  I am wondering how long the ones flying in from the USA and Australia are going to take?  Mine were a little late setting off as you know.  I am going to do a separate post about how I created my ATCs as I don't want to spoil it for my other swap partners with a full reveal.  I will link it in next week's post.

If you want to see how my pond is getting on check out the previous post.  I can't add any more photos to this entry ;-)  I am off to see what is going on this week and to check out some more wonderful ATC art.

Oh almost forgot.  I mis calculated how many folk I agreed to swap with and I have two ATCs left to swap if anyone still wants to just let me know on the comments.

Have a wonderful WOYWW and thank you for popping by X

PS if anyone is having trouble with my photos opening will you let me know - thanks x

Tuesday 3 June 2014

Craft and Pond update!

Hello and welcome to the craft and pond news bulletin!!!!  On the craft front I am finally getting on with the Pyramid Mini online workshop.  It was over a year ago that I first came up with this design as a gift for Callum on his birthday.  I have absolutely no idea why it has taken me so long but I have written down a list of what I need to do to get it finished and uploaded ready to sell at last!  I am steadily ticking off items on this to do list.

Here is the one I made for Callum and I will be sharing more ideas for how to decorate this easy to personalise project in the near future……An advert on You Tube!

Here is the link to the original post if you want to see the surprises inside this fun project.

Now for the garden and pond updates!!!

Last time the sun shone in our garden I pressure washed what used to be the place the previous owners of our house had their whirly gig washing line.  We didn't like that kind of washing line so we got rid of it as it was the perfect place to put Callum's pool and then trampoline.  Every year it needs weeding and the pressure washer makes it a little more fun.  Here is the before…..

Plenty of grass to banish from between the block paving.  Some considerable time later……..

The patio is lovely and clean but what about my feet!?…….

Yuk!  I even had splashes on my face!  My next job after a shower was to line the pond with sand.

Five bags of sand later….it was a bit of a job lining the walls but I got there and then Ivan and I lifted in the pond liner.  Scary moment as for a minute or two we thought it was a bit small!

…..and guess who got the job of jumping in and out of the pond whilst it was filling to re arrange the liner so it was nice and neat?…….good job I had that shower.

I thought I might tease Ivan at this point by reporting that he was sitting under the umbrella sipping Pimms whilst I was hard at it……would be a good test to see if he keeps up with my blog ;-) tee hee

…..but really he was the one who fetched all the sand and mowed the lawn and made the Sunday dinner!

So that is it for this report as I am off to Edit Video 6 of my workshop.  I'll let you see the finished pond once ……..mmmmm…..oh yes I get to stand in the water and finish off the edges with stones!

I have just been searching for the link I mention earlier and I found loads of fun stuff from way back in my blog archives and I think I am going to re post some of them….a kind of 'Blog Blast from the Past'. I think it would be fun……what do you think?  Might try that on Thursday as tomorrow is WOYWW.

Have a great week and thank you for popping by X
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