Wednesday 6 June 2012

WOYWW 157 - Is it Wednesday Already?!

What with a busy week and with the Jubilee extended holiday weekend thrown in I really cannot believe it is that time again already.  In fact if with wasn't for BJ emailing me this morning I would have missed it!  So thank you to her for the friendly nudge and for swapping with me.

So here is my desk this week - the calm before the storm I think.....

I have been having a lovely time with the ATC swap and am excitedly watching the post.  As you can see on my desk I already have a pretty ATC and a yummy dumfling (My computer insists it is a dumpling!).  Big thank you to Ann and Jo.  As you can see on my desk I have 4 more envelopes to send out that I didn't manage to get off before the Jubilee weekend so they will be posted today.  Thank you to everyone who is swapping with me and thank you to Julia for hosting the anniversary fun.

Let me see what else can you see on my desk this afternoon? - Stampin up stuff still not played with.  Remnants from the ATCs I made last week and some purple wrap from a bunch of flowers that I am going to save and I have already used some on my Royal themed tag for the Tag Tuesday challenge (next to the envelopes).  The gingham tag is a work in progress for a picnic themed tag.  Oh and in amongst it all is an empty ink cartridge that is waiting for me to find a recycling envelope for it!

I know this week is going to whizz by too as I have classes next week and I notice Tim's June tag is up and I know I won't be able to resist making my version and I really want to finish painting next door (one and a half walls to go).  But first things first.... cup of coffee and a peek at what everyone is up to in WOYWW Land.  If you have never visited WOYWW Land before then follow this link to find out more.

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  1. you certainly have got a lot to keep you busy
    have a fab crafty week
    kay #52

  2. Hi Helen - I know what you mean about not knowing what day it is - I am so confused with he Jubilee weekend, yesterday felt like a Sunday to me. Today the shops are all open and the postie has been so I think I know it is Wednesday now and guess what he brought me? A wonderful ATC from you and a bag of goodies - thank you so much, that was so very kind of you.
    Love the dumfing ones you got - aren't they wonderful.
    Thanks for sharing and my goodies - Hugs, Neet #6 xx

  3. Hi Helen, I went out yesterday to do some shopping, not realising it was another Bank Holiday (retired you see) and all the shops were open so I was more than confused! Nice short week the ATCs you got, they are all beautiful. Happy WOYWW, Anne x #24

  4. Am really enjoying seeing the ATC's everyone has received :) Gutted I couldn't play last week but seeing them on everyone's blogs is really making up for it.

    Know what you mean about being lost with the days. Need the kids back at school so I know where I am :D

    Carmen #109

  5. What lovely ATCs - I so enjoyed the wonderful atmosphere last week, spreading friendship around the world :)
    I need to get my a**e into gear but am failing miserably at the moment!!!
    Hugs, LLJ #70 xx

  6. Hi Helen!

    What a lovely desk you have! It looks so inviting! Thank you for the lovely comment on my photo, I hadn't thought of it as being artistic, but I do think you're right!

    Have a happy WOYWW!

    Zildara #117

  7. Oh, just look at the lovelies on your desk! (And yes...I am a bit messy...and by a bit...I mean a lot! LOL! But only in my craft desk at work is SUPER neat all of the time! Kind of odd, really.)

  8. ...a loVely desk with pretty things, great looking ATC's...thanks for sharing...Mel :) #27

  9. Hi Helen thanks for popping by...have a great Wednesday, loving the ATC's on your desk.
    Hugs Erika. #61

  10. Happy Woyww, thanks for stopping by, I also have envelopes ready to go, the atc swap was so much fun, next time i will be doing loads, was really surprised by the interest. have a great crafty week, mark

  11. Lovely peek at your neat desk and fantastic ATCs! Your description of your to-do list makes me exhausted; good luck with getting to everything you want to do! And thanks for coming by my place for a visit! (Darnell 56)

  12. I really enjoyed the ATC swap, got one today, and it is stunning! Can't wait for yours and hope you like mine!

  13. lovely bits and pieces on your desk and the atc's look gorgeous! I guess you're a fan of the Christmas holiday, because you wrote about it in your comment on my blog and what do i spy on your desk? a Santa Claus pencil! lol
    have a happy week :)
    france #71 xx

  14. I am getting a theory now that Jo has something going with the postie as most of us who swapped with Jo have had the dumflings already yet others have not got through! My BlackBerry tries to change dumfling to Dumfries!! LOL!
    Don't forget to take some time out for yourself!

  15. Way hay you made it at #105 not bad considering you didn't realise it was Wednesday. Loving the darker ATC is it all stitched? Cool BJ#32

  16. Hello!

    So many interesting things on your workdesk! Wednesdays seem to catch me off guard also! I loved watching/reading all of the Jubilee that I could! Wishing you a happy one!


    Barbara Diane

  17. Busy desk.. Love the ATC's.. Have a happy week, Hugs May x x x#34

  18. Fabulous ATCs and I love your desk, loads going on :-) Happy WOYWW!

  19. Great desk. Just live your daisy box at the back. Lovely ATC's
    Famfa 96

  20. Hello Helen, your wonderful Jubilee ATC arrived today and it is gorgeous. Thank you so much for sending it so quickly. It was lovely to see the progression of how you made it, I can't believe you achieved so much in that time. I would of been faffing around!!
    Sandra de @ 36

  21. Sorry I'm a day late in getting round this week. Thanks for sharing your workspace!! Looks like you've got lots in the offing. Have fun being creative!!!

    Lisa Sparkle :)

  22. Thanks so much for visiting my workdesk--love your ATC's. I can't wait to make some. Have a wonderful weekend!

  23. Lots going on, glad you enjoyed the swap. Take care my WOYWW friend, am still snooping, all but a little late! Zo xx

  24. Ah Helen, you're right, the ATC swap has been fun and very inspiring, so glad you were able to take part! SOunds liek abusy week..wonder if the wet weekend has helped you find time for Tim?!

  25. Anonymous19:41

    Hi Helen!

    Thanks so much for your comment on my WOYWW post. Sorry I'm so late doing the rounds, it's been one of those weeks!!

    I'm loving the look of your desk. So wonderfully busy and very creative! Thanks for sharing!!

    Scrappydiva (aka Anthea)


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