Monday 18 June 2012

Tidy Up Time

My Darling Hubby commented that my craft room was looking a bit of a heap this morning and I looked around and he was right!  I have higgledy piggledy piles of stuff stuffed everywhere!  So I am going to do a bit of sorting and tidying everyday until it is all ship-shape once more...... or (and much more likely) until I get fed up!

So I started with the bottom shelves of an open set of shelves as they are visibly untidy whereas my cupboards have doors to hide their shame!

I have tidied and sorted the bottom 4 shelves and I found things I had forgotten from long long ago.  Look at this little sewing machine.  I remember buying this when I first started seriously paper crafting and I obviously really needed it!  Can't you see the wear and tear of constant use?.....Oh of course you can't because it is still in its bag - Instructions never read!  It was at this point I started filling a bag with 'will never use stuff' that might be useful to someone else.  I couldn't quite put this in it so I have left it on the side to shame me into giving it a try!

Next up were sewing and ribbon boxes to sort.  Look at this tangled mess of bobbles and black fibres!

An hour and a bit later and with only a little winding fatigue all tidy and in bags so things can't get so tangled again....fingers crossed!

Tomorrow I will work my way up the rest of the shelves.  I wonder what other treasures I will discover in the mess.

Work done and it's time to play so I made this card with one of my tidy up finds (a lovely strip of lace).  Hope you like it and that if you, like me, have let things slide (not quite off the shelf), may you feel motivated to tidy up to see what treasures you can unearth to play with.

No tidied shelf was left untidy during the making of this card!  Should I confess that I have just noticed looking at this photo that I have stuck the lace flower on the wrong way round......or should I say 'notice how pretty the lace is on the back as well as the front!' :-)

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  1. Anonymous22:02

    Well done with the tidying mine always says he has to limbo dance in my room, I try to be tidy but it doesn't last. Laura

    1. I have 4 tidy shelves and a desk piled high with sparkly bits from making the Tag Tuesday tag - back to the drawing board!

  2. So maybe I should think twice before I buy a sewing machine do you think? haha
    Lovely lace you found and it's only right that the backside gets an airing too :0)

  3. Good luck with the tidying! I must admit I have been tempted many times at buying a little sewing machine, luckily I haven't given in to temptation as I'm sure it would also be sat in the same packaging yours is :o) I love this card, the colours work really well together! and yes that lace is definately as pretty on the back as the front :o) x

    1. Hi April - 'Step away from the sewing machine!!' It is funny I haven't used it because I do like to see stitching on projects but I either opt for faux stitching with a pen or I hand sew!


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