Tuesday 31 December 2013

12 Tags of 2013 - January!!!!!

Yippeee!  I have finished my tags for the 12 tags of 2013 challenge.  I have had a great time and hope that you have enjoyed the videos I have made of each of them.  Showing you how I got from Tim Holtz's inspiration to my interpretation!

Here is my January tag which although very late seems appropriate as we are about to head into January 2014!

I finished the tag at 3 this afternoon and have since waited for the movie file to upload to my Mac (went shopping whilst that happened)  At 5 I sat down to edit and at 7 ish I pressed the button to finalise the movie.  Apparently there are still 4 hours to go for that so I am not going to get it uploaded before Big Ben heralds in 2014 so it will be the very first movie I post for 2014.

I just wanted to take a moment as I share this tag with you to say a great big THANK YOU for your support and kindness throughout the year.  I hope that I have provided some inspiration along the way and I look forward to sharing more creativity and friendship with you in 2014.

I am not making my usual resolution to loose weight this year as it never works!  I am trying a little reverse psychology for that one ;-)  But I am resolving to do all I can to turn my passion for crafting into a healthy online workshop business and have lots and lots of designs in the pipeline to share with you all.

Wishing you a Healthy and Happy New Year with plenty of time to enjoy your creativity in 2014………..oh and a few 'new' items of stash just incase your supplies are getting low ;-) !!!

Have a wonderful New Years Eve and I will see you in the New Year.

……And for the last time this year………


12 Tags of 2013 - October

Following Tim's lead I kept the Halloween theme for my October tag as you can see.  I had lots of glittery fun and even had a go at colouring my own Distress glitter as you can see in the video.  It worked a treat so I will definitely be trying that technique again.

This tag definitely has the fun factor.  Even the scary spiders look cute all dressed in glitter!!!  Here is the link to the video that shows you how I got from Tim's inspiration to my interpretation.

Today will be filled with creating my final tag of the year which just happens to be the one I missed right at the beginning of it. It is a great way to mark the ending of 2013 and the beginning of 2014.  Watch this space to see if I manage to get it in on time.  It is going to be tight.

Thank you for popping by X

Monday 30 December 2013

12 Tags of 2013 - December Tag!

I posted November's tag and video yesterday, December tag is now complete - October tag is made and filmed and is waiting to be downloaded so I can edit it…….so that leaves January.  I need to sit and muse a while before I start the tag that I missed right at the beginning of this year.  It doesn't seem two minutes ago that I decided not to play along with 12 tags of 2013 and then within a couple of months I could not resist the fun and even decided to make videos for each of my tags!

I have to admit I have really enjoyed it though truth be told I really should concentrate more on my online workshops and to try to start earning some money from my passion!!!  May be that should be the  New Year's resolution I make this year rather than the usual 'must try and loose a few pounds'!!!

December's tag was all about using two products one which I had and one which my lovely Mum gave me for Christmas!  Tim used them to great effect to produce translucent and delicate poinsettia and holly embellishments.  I loved the look and decided (mainly due to my limited die collection) to make frosty snowflakes.  So without further ado here is my December tag.

I thought my snowflakes needed some focus so I also took inspiration from a recent art journal page I shared.  I really love this cute snowman catching snowflakes on his carrot nose.

Here is the video that shows you how I got from Tim Holtz's inspiration to my interpretation.  Hope you like it.

I'm off to link up to Tim Holtz 12 tags of 2013 and if you are new to this challenge and if Tim launches a 12 tags of 2014 I would recommend playing along.  Always something new to try and of course to buy!!!!  But best of all it is a challenge you can always take with whatever you have in your stash.  It's all about the interpretation……

See you again soon with October's tag.  January is going to be a real race against that New Year Clock. Wish me luck and thank you for popping by!!!! x

Sunday 29 December 2013

Three Tags to Go!

Here is my November tag for 12 tags of 2013!  A bit late I know.  I seem to have been playing catch up all year with this one!  I have 3 tags left and 2 days left of the year!!!!!  Will I make it in time to fulfil the challenge?????

Tim's tag featured a lovely chalkboard technique but I had absolutely none of the supplies he used!!!! Unusual not to have any.  I obviously haven't been shopping enough this year ;-) Tee Hee.  Note to self ……Must try harder in 2014.

As you may know I have been making a video of each of my tags so I can share the journey I took each month from Tim's inspiration to my interpretation.  I have really enjoyed playing along again this year so I really hope to finish this one in time to feel virtuous!!!!

So here is the link to my video.  Hope you enjoy it and that you are having a lovely time after the crazy run up to Christmas.

See you again soon.  Thank you for popping by X

Sunday 22 December 2013

Yule Logs

I cannot lay claim to this idea and I made them that long ago that I can't remember where I first saw these cute logs.  I do know it was pre any hint of Pinterest!!!!  It is a fun idea and something you can get the kids involved with so here are mine to give you some inspiration.

The fab Santa at the back of the group was a gift cleverly painted by my Sister-in-law (also called Helen!).  She likes crafting too as you can see!  In the front are the log characters I painted 11 years ago now! Family heirlooms now that are part of our home decor each Christmas.

I think the close ups of the faces are all you need in the way of  instructions as they really are simple.  You need dry logs with a flat base and an angled top that creates the perfect place to paint Santa's face.  For Santa use acrylic paint and paint one third of the log red for the hat - one third skin tone and one third white as a base of the beard.  Add a strip of white for the fur on the hat and you are ready to add the details.  The nose is a painted glass drop and the beard and fur are snowtex and glitter and finally the pom pom is a small polystyrene ball with a wedge cut out of it and more snowtex and glitter.  They are great fun and the kids can get involved too.

This elf was painted by my youngest Callum when he was 4!  He did the main part of the painting and I helped with the details and he enjoyed dabbing on the snowtex and sprinkling on the glitter.  Then he spotted Santa's footprint!

He painted it black and we have ended up with a lovely reminder of Christmas crafting together.  I hope this gives you some festive inspiration.  What decorations have you made with your kids that have become treasures you carefully unwrap each year when it is time to getting festive once more?

Not long now so before the festivities get underway in earnest so I just want to wish you and those you love a wonderful Christmas wherever you are in the world.  Thank you all so much for your support and encouragement over the year.  Your kind words always make me smile.  I hope Santa puts lots of crafting goodies in your stocking and that you get a little me time to try them out!  I am making my final lists in the hope that all is ready for the big day and we are looking forward to spending time with my Brother and Helen tomorrow.


See you again soon and Thank You for popping by X

Friday 20 December 2013

Stockings are hung by the fire with care...........

I love to see a festive fireplace even if it does have our TV sitting on the mantlepiece until we get our screen mounted on the wall!!!!  One day………..

Here is what it looks like most of the year.  Yes.....I do still have my halloween potion bottles on display!!!!  They have been wrapped and put away now I promise!!!!

So with a wave of my decorating wand and some greenery out of the garden we are ready for Santa's visit!

Hmmmmm better not leave the candle in the middle lit …….poor Santa ;-)

Check out the stockings hung with care....actually they are felt and magically stick to the brickwork!  I made these from kits.  They took me a while as I am not a natural needle woman but I got there in the end and love unwrapping them to display them as much as my children have loved checking out their contents on Christmas morning.

I always leave my fireplace until the end of my decorating so that the greenery lasts.  It is crispy by the time I clear it all away and boy does the holly get prickly....note to self.....get your gardening gloves on this year!!!!

Hope your preparations are going well Ho Ho Ho!

Thank you for popping by X

Wednesday 18 December 2013

Paper Baubles - a tutorial!

I know this may be a little late as you will no doubt already have your tree up and decorated but it is never too early to start again for next year right!!!!! ;-)  Mind you if you need a few extra baubles to hang from garlands or your tree this is a fun and inexpensive bauble to make.

You can decorate them however you like and coordinate them perfectly to your existing decorations.  Here is the snowflake design that hangs on my tree.

....and here is a tutorial that shows you how to make a cute polka dot Poinsettia version.

Hope you are getting all your Christmas preparations completed on time.  I am running late again this year but somehow we all seem to get there on the day don't we?!!!!  My son gifted me a horrible cough and cold so I am dosing up with Lemsip at the moment and trying hard not to pass it on as I go about my merry Christmas way!!!!  Tonight I am helping friends get some Surprise Packages completed.  It was fun using my design for something that will promote their business.  I hope the fact that the box jumps out of the envelope surprises their customers enough to ensure they remember to call them lots and lots next year!

Hope you like the tutorial.  Don't forget to let me know if you give this a try.  I'd love to see what designs you come up with.

Thanks for popping by X

Thursday 12 December 2013

Christmas Pudding Gift Box Tutorial and free Template

Hi everyone

Just a quick post.  I managed to get that video uploaded and shared so I am posting the link here for you guys too.

Here is a cute Christmas Pudding that definitely won't make you fat!!!  It is a little gift box (you could easily turn it into a cupcake too)  I originally made this project to teach at a Christmas Card class and the idea was that you could use them on your Christmas dinner table to mark the places of each of your guests.  Add a little gift and they really do add a touch of whimsy to your Christmas table.

If you want to make some of these cute little gift boxes then here is the video link:

You will need to email me so that I can send you the template.  You just open it and print it on the thickest card your printer will allow and then you are ready to craft along with me.

This project is a big thank you to you all for your support over the year I really do appreciate the time you take to see what I have been up to and I hope that you have enjoyed the inspiration I have shared.  The link with my email address is on my right hand side bar.

See you again soon with some more Christmas inspiration.

Merry Christmas and thank you for popping by X

Tuesday 10 December 2013

Here's one I made Earlier!

Ho Ho Ho everyone!  I am feeling festive today.  Finally finished off the decorations and putting up the tree.  Only the rest of the house to sort out now.  As I decorate I take the opportunity to have a good old clean so as things get moved around to make one part of the house all pretty and festive the rest becomes neglected!!!!  Oh well I better keep on Santa's good list and get on with the housework.......later ;-)

Thought I would share a Festive Layout with you this morning.  I know it doesn't use what are considered traditional Christmas Papers but I think the Candy Cane stripe gives it a festive kick!  I love this photo of Callum and Mariah posing next to some giant fairy lights in New York.  I hope that you agree it has stayed the focus of the page. I think fussier Christmas patterns might have distracted.  Sometimes less is definitely more.  A big thank you to my friend Julie for cutting out my title on her brand new Silhouette!  Love that rounded font.  (Don't look at the Sihouette Helen.....Don't look....Dear Santa!)

I am tidying the part of my craft room where I film stuff so I can get a video I started last week finished off and shared.  I need to put my Mac in the workshop to be looked at so if I am not around for a while they have kept it :-(  I am hoping it is a small thing as I think one of the lights in the screen has gone off.  Surely that can't take too long........I am keeping my fingers crossed!  What will I do without it?  Pinch Hubbies laptop!!!!  Oh no.........back on the Naughty list it is then ;-)

Hope your preparations are running smoothly and that you get a chance to sit down and enjoy them with a hot cup of chocolate topped with cream and marshmallows - purely for the energy you understand!!!!

Thank you for popping by X

Thursday 5 December 2013

The Silly Season is Upon Us!

Hi Everyone

Just a quick post from me as I rush about getting things ready for Christmas.  Taking a time out to say hello and to let you know what I am up to.

I have been setting up for a class I am teaching tomorrow evening in between trying to get a head start on the decorating.  I got in the way of myself a bit by deciding to paint the kitchen ceiling!  Half way through the second coat I was wishing I hadn't had that bright idea!  But it really needed it and it looks so much better - don't need the light on it is so bright and white ;-)

Just thought I would show you some of the decorations that I have put up so far.  I don't know about you but I sometimes want to hang stuff that is Christmassy but I don't want to put another hole in the wall so I have come up with a couple of things that work for me.

On my wall I have a set of pictures I made:

But at Christmas time I put them safely in a cupboard and replace them with this:

I also have a clock:

Which I replace with my Christmas Time version!

No extra holes!  Get the picture ;-)  I will be back again soon with more updates on my decorating progress.  You will see it takes me a while - hence the early start so I don't feel quite so frazzled!

Hope you are having lots of Holiday fun.  See you again soon - Thank you for popping by X
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