Tuesday 12 June 2012

Tag Tuesday - Picnic

Lots of choice in this weeks category over at the Tag Tuesday Challenge and as I had fabric remnants on my desk left over from making bunting with it was a scrap of blue gingham and that set me on my way to designing my picnic tag.  As I was fraying the edges of my now picnic cloth an old song by Elvis came into my head and you will be glad you can't hear me singing it right now!....

We're on a Sunday picnic
When it starts to pour
Run through poison ivy
Scratch until you are sore
Ants come dancing and carry of the bread
Did you ever have one of those days when you should have stayed in bed?!

I hope my picnic tag looks more inviting than that picnic was!

My favourite picnic memory has to be when we carried a cool box and cushions to sit on and went to Curium amphitheatre.  We sat listening to classical music as the heat of the day gave way to a balmy evening.  We watched for the first star to make a wish on and dined on plump prawns, fresh crusty bread and a cold glass of Pantelimon (affectionately known as Pandemonium!).  Juicy red watermelon and sticky sweet Turkish I mean Cypriot Delight for afters.....hmmmmmm!  One those perfect moments life sends you every now and then.  No one even minded that the classical orchestra was only two huge speakers in the middle of the stage!

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  1. This is awesome. So clever. I particularly like the bees and the daisies :0)


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