Sunday 29 January 2012

From Little Acorns...........

Today I discovered I had one member on my Blog!!  My brother is my first follower and proves that I managed to invite a couple of readers to look at my Blog.  I thought I would keep things small whilst I get the hang of Blogging and then when I am ready, whether anyone else is or not, I will change the settings of my account and go public!!

So what have I done since my last post?..... Nothing really very exciting to read about but I did just file my very first tax return on line.  I think I can hear the Tax man laughing still!!!

As this Blog is to become a journal of how I started my new business I thought I might also write a little about my background.  How I came to the point where I decided to try to earn a living doing something I have always loved.

My earliest memory of admiring artistic talent is when I saw some pastel drawings my Mum did of my brother and I.  I remember thinking how clever she was to be able to draw our faces and for them to be recognisable as us.  She drew them whilst at an art class from photos of us.  I seem to remember my brother's portrait was drawn from the photo that recorded the damage he did to his fringe when he took a pair of scissors to it.  So glad he is not a barber today.  Mine if I remember correctly is taken from a photo of the period in everyones life where your teeth are too big for your face!!!!  I am going to see if she still has them stored away and if she has I will learn how to add an image to my Blog.

Here is a memory for you Paul.  We used to spend hours and hours cutting things from old catalogues and laying them all over the floor to create families and houses with furniture in.  Little did I know that I was practicing my scissor skills for the day when I would tackle my first decoupage!

I remember that my Gran used to knit and sew dolls clothes for her church fund raisers.  I spent many happy hours rummaging through all her bags of rags and wool to find things to create outfits for my own dolls.  If only I had known I would be a scrapper I would have asked her to pass on her huge button collection to me.

My Aunty Mary taught me how to crochet and I remember how proud I was of fashioning a very trendy shoulder bag from the two pink and white squares I managed to make.  I loved it when we visited her and my Uncle Jack as they were always busy with a hobby or two or three!  My Aunty Mary sewed all my cousins dance dresses with masses of fabulous net petticoats in neon colours.  My Uncle Jack, I recall, took to fashioning jewellery from stainless steel and polished pebbles that had been tumbling for weeks in the under stairs cupboards until they gleamed.  He even had a dark room set up in his bathroom and we loved to watch the cine films he had taken of us all playing at the beach.  He would always rewind them at the end of each show and we laughed in delight as we ran backwards up the beach and made ice cream magically reappear from our mouths and back onto their cones!
I found this old photo which was taken at my Aunty Mary's and Uncle Jack's house.  I am modelling a dress Aunty Mary made and wishing I was having dancing lessons too!

I could go on but I think Blog posts are supposed to be short and sweet so that's it for my second ever journal entry.

Thursday 26 January 2012

My First Blog

On my 49th birthday I finally started taking steps towards starting up my own business.  I have often thought it would be great to be able to earn a living doing something you love and what could be better than doing that and being your own boss?

This year I will be 50 and I had hoped to be able to launch my business on my momentous anniversary!  I may miss that deadline but I could make it happen in my 50th year if I focus!

More and more business websites have links to Blogs, Facebook and Twitter.  These are all unexplored territories to me so today I will learn what I can about Blogging.  With each new entry in my Blog I hope to turn this Blog into something that looks fabulous and is interesting to read.  In the beginning I will journal the steps I have taken to get my business started and when I am ready to let others read this I hope I have created a Blog that is somewhere people may want to visit again and that is an asset to my new business.

Today that seems an awful lot to aspire to but I am going to follow the wise words said to me by my late father in law who was remembering the encouragement given to him by his father:

'Put your head down and keep going!'

I know these words encouraged him every day to fight on.  So my battle everyday is to get my business to the point where I can launch it.  Each day I promise myself I will accomplish something, no matter how small, that helps get me to my goal.

Today I created my Blog and posted my first entry on it.  I am now off to explore this Blogging world so that I can become familiar with it and to master it.  Wish me luck.....I think I am going to need it!!!

What Lies Ahead!

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