Sunday 20 March 2016

Graphic 45 Design Team Audition 2016

Is it that time already?  I can't believe how the year has flown by.  It doesn't seem long ago that I almost made it on to the Graphic 45 Design Team. It was so tantalising to get to the second round and I am not sure I can stand the suspense but here I go again!!!

We have been asked for three projects and a tutorial and I interpreted that to mean 4 project in total.  Most of the projects I share have tutorials with them so three of my projects have tutorials to share how to make these pieces.  We were asked to share projects that show our strengths and I just had to make new things because I take any opportunity to design with my lovely Graphic 45 papers and as I had just had a really good tidy up of my stash I was reminded of some papers past and in particular Poppy Fields from the Magic of Oz collection which inspired me to make this canvas.

I have made hundreds of crafting tutorials all of which are on my YouTube channel and that is where I love to share my creativity.  There are a huge variety of projects to be found over there and of course this canvas comes with its very own tutorial.  Lots of techniques including how to use paper doilies to add fabulously delicate texture to your creations.

I show you how to fussy cut the poppies, to layer them up and bring them to life.  I hope this project, whilst only using two designs of paper really shows off all that Graphic 45 personality we all love so much.  This project is for fussy cutting gurus or trainee fussy cutting gurus!  I definitely recommend you sit in a comfy spot with a cup of coffee whilst you tackle this little lot!

The feathers, cut from ABC Primer's Bed Time Stories, were easy to make as you will see but they are a labour of love and the perfect way to give wings to your heart full poppies!

I would say one of my main strengths as a designer is that I am very much led by what I am using.  That is why Graphic 45 is such a joy so many beautiful papers and so many ways to combine them to create new looks.  I hope you can see that in the designs I am showing you today.

Next up is this canvas which was inspired by a couple of peacock feather papers in two different paper collections, one was from The Couture Collection and one from the Olde Curiosity Shoppe.  It was fun to combine them together to make a beautiful peacock made entirely of paper.

Different papers and an entirely different design is born….maybe I should say hatched?! ;-)

There are four different paper collections bought together to make this piece and of course the tutorial will step you through so you can make this for yourself.  I hope my tutorials showcase my love of teaching.  I want other crafters to feel that they could tackle this or even if this piece is not to their taste that there are techniques and tips shared which could be used in other crafting projects.

I used the doily technique again which makes a pretty background for my fantasy weeping willow tree created with pinched flowers and hand cut leaves.

Check out all that fussy cutting on the tail!  I think I am all feathered out for a while at least!!!

I have often wondered if I have a particular style and I have come to the conclusion that I don't and I think when it comes to Design Team work that is a huge strength because my projects are so varied.  So on to my penultimate project and tutorial with a completely different look.

Sometimes you come across a paper you like but you just can't think of anything to use it for and this one was that for me.  I liked the colours and the cute flying pigs and the fact that it reminded me of the crows in the film Dumbo that sing If I see and Elephant Fly!

But suddenly I had an idea and this Art Journal page was inspired by my son and a sheet or two of Pigs Might Fly paper from the Olde Curiosity Shoppe collection!  I will explain more in the tutorial!

It is fun to look at the imagery in all the Graphic 45 collections to see how you can create settings for them.  Wouldn't our skies be fun if this little scene came to life?!

One of my all time favourite papers is Calico Kids from the ABC Primer collection.  Tiny strips of it make such beautiful borders which is the perfect spot for a bit of doodle embelishment!

It was fun to create this fantasy sky for my cute flying pigs to play in and although this is a humerous page it has meaning too.  As I make my tutorial I always share what I was thinking as I designed each piece and highlight how the viewer could make the elements of a project work for them even if they didn't like the final piece.  I see that as a strength, teach technique and the process of creativity and you will inspire creativity in others.

Last but definitely not least my final piece showcases my love of creating 3 dimensional pieces from scratch and the new to my collection Graphic 45 Cityscapes paper collection!  I have made clocks and pyramids and cakes and all sorts of things and they are always enhanced by using Graphic 45 to construct and decorate!  This is still a prototype as there are a couple of design faults I need to iron out but they don't show on camera ;-)

I love to design functional pieces that look great.  I hope you agree that this is both.  I designed it to sit on your desk looking like a pretty post box and then spin it round and……..

…..Voila!  Ribbons at your fingertips!  There is no tutorial for this one as it will one day be an online workshop….once I iron out those little wrinkles ;-)

I hope you can see how much I enjoy working with Graphic 45 and that you can see what my design strengths are.  I am keeping everything crossed that this time I might make it through!  Wish me luck everyone!

Thank you for popping by!


PS Here are the links to previous Auditions:

Monday 7 March 2016

A Little Bit More Graphic 45!

Hi Everyone

Another tutorial aimed at helping you think about using up those pretty paper scraps.  Lots of hints and tips as I show you how to make this card using fabulous Graphic 45 scraps!

Mixing and matching old collections with new for this card and I am really pleased with how it turned out.  It is the thing I love most about Graphic 45 papers they are so versatile and so interchangeable that you can come up with unique looks time after time.

Remember to make the inside of your card as beautiful as the outside!

Here is the tutorial with lots of hints and tips along the way to help you make the most of your paper scraps whether they be Graphic 45 or anything else.

The sky is the beautifully blue today - still chilly but spring is knocking on the door here in the UK.  Thank you for popping by X

Tuesday 1 March 2016

A Little Bit of Graphic 45

Hi everyone

As you may know I love Graphic 45 and have a habit of keeping every last scrap!  So as I had a recent tidy up putting all the scraps neat and tidy in their collections I felt inspired to create!

I will be sharing a couple of tutorials over the coming days to help you get the most of those beautiful scraps!  I have told myself if I use some up I can buy more!!!!  Sounds like a plan ;-)

This tutorial shows you how to use those journaling cards that come in the Graphic 45 paper pads or the ephemera kits to turn them into frames for you cards.  The tutorial is all about seeing how I did it and then using the same principles for the scraps you have.  This card was mainly using the Couture collection with a tiny bit of something else!

As you can see we can make the inside look as lovely as the outside.

I think this could also be an outside too!!!!  Hope you enjoy the tutorial.  

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