Monday 4 June 2012

A Show of Hands Please!

I hope you can help me with a little market research.  As you know I am in the process of setting up my own crafting business.  On my recent birthday my hubby treated me to a few surprises one of which was having my nails done.  I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to trial a new product called Gellish which I believe is a hardwearing nail polish which has the added bonus of adding strength to your nails.  Something I badly need as every time my nails start to look glamourous and I decide to paint them they break!  Not little chips off here and there but right down to nothing start all over again breaks!

As it happens there was a miss communication and I now have a coat of Gel (similar to acrylic) on my own nails (no tips)!  So much for that experiment.  As all you crafters out there know we need to be able to pick up small gems and to peel the back off the double-sided tape and you need normal thickness nails to accomplish this (or I do anyway).  Actually what I have at the moment is working ok because it is a thin coat on my own nails but I am still going to try the Gellish when I have had my moneys worth from this manicure.

I have to say as a crafter and gardener and houseworker I am not very kind to either my nails or my hands for that matter.  So why am I blogging about this at I finally get to the point of this post.

This is an on-line poll of sorts and I would value your opinion.  When watching a crafting video tutorial do you care if the nails of the tutor are perfectly manicured or if they look like they have been dragged through a Distress Ink pad backwards? :-)  Please leave me your views by way of a comment I would really appreciate it.

This poll gives a really big clue about what I will be up to over the coming months.  I am about to pop next door to put a second coat of paint on to the walls of what will become my tutorial studio giving you an even bigger clue!

This manicure has so far survived a dig in the garden as I planted a couple of new additions to my border. I was too lazy to fetch my gardening gloves and I hate wearing them anyway!   You can see the splatter from the first coat of paint I put on next door and a chip on my thumb where I miss judged the distance of a tap - Gel and varnish came off but not my nail thankfully!

Professional crafter or lady that lunches I wonder!  Let me know your views.  I need to test drive the Gellish stuff and put it through its crafting assault course to see if it is something I can use or not when my hands make their video tutorial debut!


  1. Hi Helen, well for what it's worth, when I'm watching a tutorial I'm more interested in what the person is doing with their hands than what his or her nails look like. And personally I find my natural (if less than perfect) nails are such a useful part of my tool kit I really wouldn't want to be without them!

  2. I am with Annie for what it is worth. Inkey is good as it shows you use the stuff you are showing us! I am just looking at mine and thinking will anyone notice the alcohol inks, glossy accents and hot glue on them when I return to the office tomorrow? I know it wont all come off! Hee Hee!


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