Wednesday 30 January 2013

Trash to Treasure - Card Tutorial

Graphic 45 and Acetate Packing makes a fab shaker card!
As promised yesterday here is how to turn your acetate blister packaging (and I know you have some!!) into great shaker cards!

I started with a square card base and I measured my packaging and cut and aperture in my card so the packaging could pop in.  This acetate blister pack was one that is attached to a piece of card so it comes ready made with a lip to attach it to the inside of the card.  All I had to do was go around the edge with a black permanent marker as it was previously attached to a white card and a little of that showed when the packaging was inserted into the aperture.

 Next up I rummaged through my Graphic 45 scraps - perfect for cards - and came up with this arrangement.

On the bottom of the card front I secured the tartan paper over the aperture with DST.   Make sure you put DS tape around the aperture to hold the paper in place.

Then turn the card over and cut out the aperture once more - easy peasy!

I then attached the rest of the papers to the card front and added the word 'MANY' which was cut using my Cricut Opposites Attract cartridges.

Next I attached the acetate packaging in place with DST and then made lots of little card strips with the word 'Thanks' in various languages and fonts that I hand wrote on them.

Then I added some tiny glass beads to the shaker and attached another piece of black card over what is the inside of the card.  Make sure you tape around all the edges of the card piece and the aperture or your shaker bits will fall out!!!  Also remember to cut the backing card a tiny bit smaller than the card base so it doesn't show from the front of the card and doesn't interfere with the fold line.

....And finally.......Like the plaque I made on my 2nd Trash to Treasure post I made a daisy from a piece of red tartan and embossed acetate which were die cut with my Tim Holtz Tattered Floral die which were shaped and then had a yummy black dazzler (Creative Expressions) attached to the centre.  The whole flower was attached to the card front to finish of this alternative shaker card!  If you like this card and you follow this link to the Trash to Treasure post and leave me a comment there you could win it in next weeks draw.

Thank you for popping by x

WOYWW 191 - Intentions

My desk is full of intentions today!

It is my intention to post a tutorial today for the first card on my desk which I made in my second Trash to Treasure post yesterday.  I used the acetate packing of some Basic Grey magnets to make the fun shaker part of this card.  It is also my intention to give it away to someone that comments on my Trash to Treasure post.  Pop along if you'd like to be entered into the draw and to find out what else I made.

Next along my desk is another card that now belongs to Elizabeth aka silver scrapper (my first Trash to Treasure giveaway winner) and it is my intention to pop it in the post today so it will soon be winging its way to bonny Scotland.

The box you see at the end is something I intend to use for my third Trash to Treasure post - I have an idea I am mulling over!  It involves an old pair of jeans!!

As those of you whose eyes aren't as bleary as mine will notice I skipped this as I thought it would make a cheery shot on this dull morning.  It is my intention to have a play with some more of this lovely paper and embellishments called Seraphina.  Here are two cute cards that I have made with it already.  I am loving the little wooden embellishments.

Oh and last but not least it is my intention to empty that bin!!!!

All my intentions of  course depend upon whether or not I can drag myself away from visiting with the gang at WOYWW!!!  If you have no idea what that is then please follow this link!  But be warned you may not achieve all that you intend to today once you start hopping!!!!

Thanks for popping by x

Monday 28 January 2013

Trash to Treasure No 2

I was really excited to get going with this Trash to Treasure project once I had decided what to use as trash.  I have to say that this trash is not my own but belongs to someone in my class who kindly gave me a rather large bag full of this trash.  I am not going to mention any names on the grounds that it will definitely incriminate!!!!!  It was a bag full of empty Spellbinders acetate containers..... you can see why my lips are sealed ;-)

 As you can see the Spellbinder dies have been very carefully removed from the tops of their packaging.  I normally use these as paint pallets in my classes but today I am going to try to turn them into treasure.  I used 2 packages for this project.

I also used my carefully stored G45 scraps in fact I used the back of one of the paper pads for the harlequin card below.  I am feeling very virtuous right now!

I cut the hanger from the packaging and cut a piece of the harlequin card to the same size.  I then used one of the very first tools I bought to put holes in things and punched holes all the way around the sealed edge of the packing.  I am going to stitch my card to my acetate with the holes.  I used brads to keep things in place as I bashed away with my hammer.

Next I removed the lip from the second Spellbinder packaging (be careful as it is a bit sharp).  That gave me two lovely thick pieces of acetate which I put through my cuttlebug and embossed.

I have always wanted to try this and was so pleased with the results I had a play with some different textures.  The heavier the pattern the more white the acetate becomes.  It is very pleasing and I am definitely going to be doing this more often!

I then use my Tim Holtz Tattered Floral die to cut the embossed acetate into flower shapes.  I also cut some flowers from coordinating G45 papers.

After mixing and matching for a while I decided on the daisies and shaped the card and the acetate petals before hot glueing the layers together.  I had the perfect flower centres in my stash.  I love these Creative Expressions Dazzlers as they look like liquorice all sort sweets!!  I have to add here I don't like to eat liquorice all sorts but I have always liked the look of the pink and blue ones!!!

 Next I cut a panel for the centre of my plaque and mounted it on a blue patterned paper leaving a fine border showing.  I fussy cut out two coordinating butterflies from one of the G45 papers too.  Not too fussy with the cutting as I snipped off their antenna - poor butterflies :-(

 I blinged my butterflies with tiny gems and stickles and then let them dry before I coated them with glossy accents.  I cut out the first two words of my quote using the Opposites Attract Cricut Cartridge and layered them up ready to glue to the centre panel once I decide on positioning.

I adhered the centre panel in the middle of the harlequin paper and glued on the words TRUE BEAUTY.  I made some fine wire antenna for my butterflies and glued one under the word TRUE.

Then I was ready to take a fine ribbon and stitch the harlequin card to the acetate packaging.  I think I might try to make a giant shaker panel with this packaging - that would be fun.  I used a blanket stitch (at least that is what I think it is called).

I made a further small plaque with the rest of the wording of the quote which I hand wrote and attached in position with strong tape.  Then I hot glued my acetate and paper flowers in place and added my second butterfly.

I was really pleased with these acetate flowers and would like to try them without the paper layer in the future.  Sorry about the differences in the colour of the photographs - the final result was pictured in daylight!  I think using flower and butterfly embellishments for this quote is perfect as both flowers and butterflies spend their time as buds and caterpillars before revealing their inner beauty.

Thank you so much to everyone that commented on my first ever Trash to Treasure post last week.  As promised I put all the names into a hat and Elizabeth is the winner of my card made from cracker debris!

I had another idea when I was working on this Trash to Treasure post and I used the same kind of shaped acetate packaging - this time from some Basic Grey magnets and I came up with this alternative shaker card.

I will share the photo tutorial for this one tomorrow.  This is my give-away for this week's Trash to Treasure so please leave a comment on this post and I will put everyones' name in a hat again next week.  I'd love to know what your favourite trash to treasure projects are.

I am pretty sure I can do more with this acetate packaging so watch this space!!!

Saturday 26 January 2013

The UFO Pile is decreasing!

I was just going through my blog getting ready to post when I found I had to draft items I hadn't gotten round to posting so I guess this post became a UFO for a while too!

Do you feel as virtuous as me when you finished a layout or project that has been gathering dust for a while?

I used a glitter paper to mimic the sparkles of the sun shining on the sea and kept the embellishments to a minimum so as not to detract from the enjoyment on our faces!  I actually used some rub ons that I have had for eons!

This layout brings back happy memories of sitting on the beach feasting on lovely, sticky, cold, gooey cakes.  Huge cakes at that.  My favourite was a lovely soft enormous meringue slice!  It was a perfect end to a day of lazing by the sea enjoying the sun with absolutely nothing else to do but eat cake!


UFO UnFinished Objects!

Thursday 24 January 2013

Tag Tuesday 2012 Review

Just a quick post to share my latest video with you.  I made so many tags last year as part of the wonderful Tag Tuesday team I decided to make a video of all my hard work!!

As you can see I had great fun making tags last year and I would highly recommend them as a way to try out new techniques or ideas.  Why not challenge yourself to step out of your creative box and try a style you wouldn't normally.  I have done this with clothes and it is amazing how many times something I have tried on for fun turned out to be just right for me!!!

As I shared yesterday in my WOYWW post all my tags are now hung on my wall to give me inspiration whenever I may need it.......and the blue tac is still holding ;-)

Wednesday 23 January 2013

WOYWW 190 - My first of 2013!

It seems like forever since my last WOYWW post.  I have had withdrawal symptoms ;-)  I have been busy with Christmas frenzy - you know the madness we put ourselves through trying to make everything perfect and not dropping the ball on all the other stuff we do too.  It was fun though and I hope you all had fun too.

Today I plan to have a serious and long overdue snooping session!!!!  The New Year has meant I am committing to making lots more video tutorials to sell in my shop.  I have been practicing my skills and you can see the results on my You Tube Channel.  I think I am enjoying myself way too much.

So what is on my desks today?.....

I made two videos to review all the tags I made last year taking part in Tim's 12 Tags of 2012 and being part of the Tag Tuesday team and as you can see from this shot I found all my tags a new home.  This is where I make my videos and I have put up all my tags as a wall of inspiration.  My desk is only a little messy from a video I shot yesterday.  I plan to edit it today in between my virtual visiting of course.

Tidying is also needed on my main desk too!  Card examples from the last class I taught are waiting to be put away as are a pile of ribbons, some lovely large flowers given to me by my friend Barbara, some yummy papers from Kars, the silver card is one that features in my previous post Trash to Treasure and of course right smack in the front is my lovely shiny new Grand Calibre.  This was a Christmas Gift from my Mum.  I gave her big hugs for this one!!!!  I need to clear away all my mess so I can get on and play with it ;-)

I am off to visit with you all and to see what you have been up to this year!  Hope you are all having a great year so far and I look forward to sharing with you all again.  I've missed all the WOYWW fun and am glad to be back.  Follow this link if you have no idea what WOYWW is!

Just had to share one more photo ........

One ghost is saying to the other - 'I thought we were supposed to give the shivers not get them!!!!'

Couldn't resist.....Dont you just love everything dusted in snow?! :-)

Monday 21 January 2013

Trash to Treasure

Another lovely snowy day today as you can see.  I know it is just a sprinkle compared to some places in the country/world but doesn't it look pretty?!

As you may or may not know I have been doing a spot of tidying in my craft room and keep coming upon things to inspire me.  How many of you have a pile of this I wonder.....cracker debris!  In order to get it off my desk I decided to do something with it.  Turn my Trash to Treasure (fingers crossed!).  I am going to make this a regular feature.  A kind of challenge to myself.  I know you all do the same as me.  Keep bits of this and that you think will be useful and then just store it!  I figured if I have a regular Trash to Treasure post I will at least make a small dent in my squirrelled stores ;-)

So without further ado.  Here is my pile of cracker debris that my Mum and Mother in Law patiently unfurled as I got on with dishing up the Christmas Turkey.  Thanks Mums!!!x

I started with a card base from Craftwork cards that has a fancy embossed edge.

Then I used some of the lovely silver glitter cracker card for the front of the card and I put a strip on the inside edge to highlight the shape of the card front.

No border punches or stamping and embossing required as a cut a strip off the fancy edge of the cracker.

The fancy border strip was a slightly different shade of white as you can see so I added another strip of the silver glitter to make this difference in shades less obvious.

I was definitely going with the bling theme so I made a fancy buckle from one of the yummy Creative Expressions Fancy Pearl embellishments and surrounded them with the silver balls that I snipped from the wires that had previously attached them to their crackers.  As this was a fairly heavy embellishment I used my hot glue gun to attach it and then I went to town attaching diamond gems to the embossed spotty patten on the edge of my card blank.

At this point I had no real plan of which occasion this card was for and I could easily have gone the Christmas route but I decided to celebrate the bling and make this a card to send to the special person in your life that adds Sparkle to your day.

As I was making this I remembered doing a scrapbook layout that used cracker debris so I looked it out and here it is.....

Our family love to wander around Harrods in London and to see what we could buy if we ever won the lottery!!!  One year I spotted the most beautiful Crackers and just couldn't resist.  It was only right that I use the cracker debris to do this layout.  It is really touchy feely addition to help evoke the memories that this layout records.  The crackers were an expensive indulgence even at their sale price but you'll be pleased to know the cute teddy bears were on buy one get one free!  Sometimes you just gotta treat yourself ;-)

So that is the end of my first Trash to Treasure post and I hope it inspires you go seek out some of the bits and pieces you have tucked away and to make something fab with it.  Please leave me a link if you do and I will come and visit to see what treasure you have made from your trash.  As your lovely comments on my blog always make my day have extra sparkle I have decided that if I get any comments on this post I will do a draw and send someone my sparkly card so they can send it to that special person that make their day.

Saturday 19 January 2013

Tidy Up Time!

I am not the worlds biggest fan of housework but for some reason when I have to tidy my craft room - you know.....when I am down to my last postage stamp of creative space!.....I don't seem to mind it at all.  I think it is because it is great to rummage through all my lovely stash as I tidy it away.  I quite often am reminded of things that I think I would like to use again but I also find the projects I have put on the back burner and this time I found this.

I bought it a while ago from the Range (a store that sells everything for the home....and craft stuff too!). It is a pretty wire heart with clips to tuck photos or memorabilia into.  So to take a break from the cleaning and tidying I set to and used it to display photos of my families trip to New York.  We went in 2009-2010 so it was about time!!

I sense a theme here as I found some gorgeous Bo Bunny Liberty Papers and embellishments I bought from my friend Jackie over at Craft Island.  I have had them quite a while too ;-)  So they have had their admiring and stroking time and finally I have used them to do this.

I am feeling very virtuous right now as my finished project is even hanging on the wall.  Sorry the photos aren't perfect but the light today is a bit dull.  I think the skies are heavy with snow again.

I really enjoyed putting this together and it turned out to be a great way to document a holiday.

I made little displays to put into the photo clips so it didn't use much paper but it was a lovely way to make the most of embellishments like this journaling shape which I added a sparkly brad to and a sticker to go with my photo and journalling.  There is also a fancy brad which I added to the heart using my hot glue gun.

I made my own flowers to make extra embellishments.  Layering up flowers is a great way to bring a colour scheme together.  The large flower is made from two white flowers (thank you Barbara), a denim flower I die cut using Tattered Florals.  Then I made a ribbon rosette with some pretty gingham ribbon and used a Bo Bunny brad to tie the whole thing together.  Easy Peasy but so cute.

I tied on coordinating ribbon bows too.  If you wanted to ring the changes you could chose to adhere the flowers and embellishments to the hearts with sticky dots but I think I will keep this as a permanent and I hope you agree pretty reminder of a wonderful family holiday.......I wonder if The Range still have these in stock?????

I hope that everyone that is in the UK is enjoying the snow and of course anyone else that has snow right now.  I love going out in it and I love sitting cozy indoors crafting or watching movies so it is win win for me!  Hubby is going to take me out for lunch so I will finish my post now and see you later.

PS  I still haven't finished tidying!!!!!!

Sunday 13 January 2013

12 Tags of 2012 Review

I have woken up to a dusting of snow this morning.  That won't please my son Callum who wants at least enough to build a snowman!  Come on weather don't disappoint the kids ;-)

I uploaded a new video to my You Tube Channel last night.  If you take part in any tag challenges particularly the Tim Holtz 12 Tags of 2012, 2013 as it is this year, then you might want to watch what I got up to over the year.  This video shows how much fun making tags can be.  I was lucky enough to become a member of the Tag Tuesday team too (that's another video!).

As you can see from my video I have started to create my wall of tag inspiration and I think that is the beauty of tag art.  They are the perfect size to get creative on - try out new techniques, colour schemes or ideas.  I can see from my video that I need to get out a spirit level to straighten up the first row of my inspiration wall!  Then I am going to add to it by putting up all the tags I have made this year over at Tag Tuesday.

If you like making tags or want to try your hand at it then I highly recommend following this link to Tim's 12 tags of 2013 and this link to Tag Tuesday for some inspiration.

I plan to have a snuggly Sunday hope you have one too!

Thursday 10 January 2013

Happy New Year!

Hi everyone - this is my first post of the year so I wanted to take this opportunity to say a big and heartfelt thank you to everyone that has signed up to follow my blog, to everyone who has ever commented on my blog and to anyone that has just popped by!!!!  I am so glad I decided to try this blogging malarky as I have found the blogging community very supportive and kind and I wanted to let you know that you have spurred me on to achieving a my goals last year and to set new goals to achieve this year.

I initially set up this blog to document my journey towards starting my own crafting online business.  Little did I know how addictive Blogging could be and I would add particularly in the craft blogging world.  I have loved chatting, sharing inspiration, getting inspiration and taking part in two fab tag challenges this year and am looking forward to more of the same whilst documenting how I plan to grow my new business - still very much a seed!  Will I make it to sapling this year ;-)

On the sharing note I thought you might find this interesting if not a little funny!!!!  My hubby and I have had many a discussion on what taste and flair is (particularly where his clothes are concerned!! bless.....)  Last year I rejigged my Christmas Decorations to match my newly decorated front room.  I redecorated garlands and wreaths with silver, green and turquoise glittery bits and bought a few pretty glass ornaments for my new tree and made lots more baubles myself.  I had a lot of glittery fun along the way.

This year my hubby decided that the white lights on the tree were quite cold looking (I kind of agreed with him although they did look frosty which was appropriate for the time of year!).  I did not like the idea of blue or green lights and that was when a strange idea popped into my head.  What if I coloured the white lights myself?????????

.....and so I did!

It worked a treat as you can see from this photo of one of the baubles I made last year.  The white lights took on a pastel colour which was enough to warm the overall frosty white (happy hubby and inky me!)  I couldn't get a good photo of the entire effect so here are a couple of photos of some of the baubles I made with the lights showing.  The first photo is a polystyrene bauble covered in PVA and dipped in glitter and then wrapped with pretty cotton ribbons held in place with sequin and beaded pins and the Second is of a paper bauble made with 6 card circles and decorated with die cut snowflakes and pearl brads.

Another glitter dipped bauble wrapped with pretty ribbon - how easy are these and very economical too.  I think that you can tell from the photos that the lights are in various blue and green shades with the odd hint of cranberry for contrast.

Last but not least is a bauble I made a video tutorial for which is made by covering another polystyrene ball with paper punches held in place with beaded pins.  Follow this link if you want to see how it is made.

Finally I would like to share a poem I wrote about how I feel about my Christmas tree (now trees!!)

I should have a fairy, 
Sitting on my Christmas Tree.
Passed down through generations of our family.
Her dress, once white, is grey now,
Her wings have lost their gleam.
A matchstick with a sticky star,
Is where her wand had been.

I should have baubles from past decades,
That once were Mum's and Dad's,
I remember glitter sleigh bells,
And the twinkle they once had.
Where are the foil wrapped chocolate treats?
They're not hanging on my tree!
No snowman, present, Santa Claus,
Or wise men one, two three.

Where are the child made ornaments
My sons bought home from school?
Small hands made a clay robin,
And a stocking with glued on jewels.
Not on my Christmas tree for sure!
It's branches are strung with pearls,
Precision place glass baubles,
With jewel encrusted swirls.

It takes hours to place the fairy lights,
To create an even glow,
And colour coded baubles,
That reflect the light just so.
And if I won the lottery,
I would tell you honestly,
I'd buy the finest baubles,
To decorate our tree!
In the latest fashion colours,
Of teals and browns this season,
A fashion victim Christmas tree,
And I wouldn't need a reason.

Now you might think, 'she's lost the plot!'
So listen to what I say.
I celebrate tradition,
But in a different way.
I'll keep my parents baubles,
All safe in cushioned splendour.
I'll tell my sons of Christmases,
That they make me remember.
I'll treasure those child-made ornaments,
Until I'm old and grey,
And pass them to my Grandchildren'
Some far off Christmas Day.

So my tree can look just perfect,
A vision of Christmas splendour,
A seasonal gift from me,
That my sons will long remember!
                                          by Helen Allen

I know Christmas is over but as I put away that last decoration that always gets missed (hiding in plain sight on the windowsill!!!!) I wanted to share this post with you.

Once again may I wish you all Happiness and Health in this New Year and of course a little wealth too!!!!


Helen x

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