Monday 20 July 2015


Hi everyone

Today I am sharing the tutorial I made for the #lovesummerart collaboration.  Until a couple of days ago I didn't know anything about this but thanks to Theresa one of my lovely YouTube subscribers I met a group of creative YouTubers who had got together to bring even more arts and crafts to the wonderful world that is YouTube.

Cinnamon Cooney aka TheArtSherpa and her friends started this movement and it is set to happen on a regular basis.  This month the theme was summer and we were given a posting window of 17 - 20 July which I think I am going to make!!!  I thought I was going to be late but I was running a day ahead of myself ;-)  Usually it is a day late!!!

So if you want to explore this first offering of videos the all you need to do (after you have watched mine of course!!!) is put #lovesummerart in your search engine (google) and you should see a whole host of arty videos appear then off you go.  There are offerings from all kinds of artists and YouTubers from newbies to the more established channels.  Don't forget if you find people you think are inspiring then press the subscribe button, like button and share button  to support them in their efforts.

So enough of the preamble what am I bringing you today?  Summer says beach to me, not that we are having very beachy weather where I live!….and beach brings to mind pretty beach huts all in a row!

In the tutorial you will find out how to turn boxes (mine are the insides of Tim Holtz shadow boxes) into cute little beach huts…..but there is more.  Behind the doors are secret mini albums where you can keep photos of those treasured holidays or days out on the beach…….and of course there is plenty of room to display the beach combing treasures you found there.

Once you can make these it won't be long before you can convert larger boxes to go with you little beach huts!

Hope you agree this is a fun way to keep those treasured memories safe.  Enjoy the tutorial and enjoy exploring #lovesummerart.

Thank you for popping by X

Tuesday 7 July 2015

I am feeling a little Drippy today!

Hi everyone

I have a new video for you today.  This is all about experimentation.  You may remember I started and experimental art journal and I am having fun trying new things in it.  This time I decided to try dripping!!

I must admit I am a little uncomfortable with anything that is a bit out of control and drippage certainly is that but the fun was seeing how the page took shape in such a random fashion.

Here is how it turned out.

I even came up with my own quote!  Green is my favourite colour so I loved working with it to create this page with a touch of bling.

Watch how my page took shape on my video tutorial.  I hope you find some inspiration within.

During this video you will hear me mention a new feature available to You Tube Video makers called 'Cards'.  Today I tried them out for the first time.  I think they have worked and I checked them out on my iPad and the links work too!  I had no idea that all this time the annotations I have been carefully putting at the end of all my videos didn't work on mobile devices!!!!!!

You should see towards the end of the video little messages appear at the top right of the screen along with a letter i.  If you click in this area it will bring up a series of 'cards'  These cards will give you links to other places you might like to visit or to other videos or playlists you might like to watch.  I hoped there would be a subscribe one but I need to go and look for it again - it might appear later if I find it.

Clicking on any of the cards you see will open up a drop down list of all the cards on the video which will take you to different places.  If you haven't seen these before either it is worth having  quick explore and to know that whenever you watch a video and you see a little message appears top right of your viewing screen that it is an interactive element that has been added for your enjoyment or further interest.

You will notice on this photo that I have used my lovely Rubber Dance Diamonds background stamp.  Click on this link and you can see more gorgeous stamps from the lovely Bibi over in Norway.

…….last but not least I am sharing a photo I took a couple of weeks ago when my Irises were looking blooming' marvellous!

Nature is the greatest painter of all don't you think?  I was really impressed by the quality of this photo (if I do say so myself ;-)) as I took it on my phone!!

Don't forget to hit subscribe if you like what you see and are new around these parts!  Welcome and thank you for popping by X
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