Monday 11 June 2012

Acrylic Paint Backgrounds - One for the Boys!

Four down two to go!  I am on a roll.  Here is a sneak peek of the flavour of my card classes this month!  I decided to explore card designs using a style based on the way many Art Journalists work.

First create a background to work on.  Time to play with paints and inks and sprays and stamps and oh what a happy mess!  This card uses acrylic paint, kitchen roll and sandpaper to get this beachy distressed look.  Second step is to find a quote I want to design the card around.  I kept in mind two things - we always want designs for the boys and the fact that this weekend is time to celebrate a very special boy in everyones lives, their Dad!  And third following the beachy theme I looked for some images that I could cut out and make part of the card design - love the cute VW!... and last but definitely not least the doodling that makes all these things into a coherent design (well I hope it does anyway :-))

So in a nutshell I employed these steps for all my card designs this month.  So I hope to give my class another way to design a card that they perhaps might not have tried before.  I wonder what creative path I will walk down next month!

I have a couple of tutorials in the pipeline but you will have to pop back later for those!

I just nipped out in the garden for some fresh air before embarking on card design number 5 and I very quickly nipped back in again!  It is really cold out there and drizzling with rain - anyone seen Summer anywhere?

Here are a couple of photos I took that I thought I would share with you.

 Look at this fabulous Peony just waiting for a bit of sun to reveal its full beauty.

 Here is a work in progress.  A water feature waiting for the water to stop so I can get the waterproof liner fitted and then we might have a pretty water feature instead of a muddy hole!

I was admiring this velvety ......petunia - I think that's what it is called!  Then I wondered what the hairs where that had stuck to the flower.  I looked down and here's what I saw looking back at me like butter wouldn't melt!

Feeling how cold it is today I bet Comet is wondering why he started shedding his summer coat!  What a cutie pie.  We are back in the warm now and it is time to crack on.  Don't forget to leave me a comment to join in my Blog Canday Giveaway - click on the link - Remember you gotta be in it to win it!

Thanks for popping by to visit me and last but definately not least a BIG BIG THANK YOU to everyone that is following my blog and for all the lovely comments.  I really appreciate knowing that you are liking what I am doing as I am thoroughly enjoying sharing my crafting exploits with you.  It is nice to know I am not alone rambling on!  Talking of rambling I hear you cry.........See you soon X

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  1. Those cards are perfectly 'blokey' aren't they; nice one. Thanks for the ideas included too ;)
    I know exActly what you mean re the cold, I've had to put a heater back on and blanket back onto the bed.Sheesh! haha
    Your garden has some very nice flowers and the water feature will be awesome once righted.
    Mo :0)


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