Thursday 22 October 2015

More Spookiness…..

Hi Everyone

Is more spookiness a word?  I have another video tutorial for you today and this time I show you how to create a ghoulish scene inside a Tim Holtz Assemblage Clock!

I do love these clocks and I have been meaning to do this one for some time.  I managed to break the glass of the first clock I bought when I was making the Christmas Clock (see below) I made a couple of years ago.  I kept it as I knew I could still use it but I had to use a new one for the Christmas version. Today, as you can see, I have finally used it!!!

So if you want to turn a clock to stone - make mini grave stones, make glittery blood trails or glue cobwebs then this is the tutorial for you!

I hope to get at least one more halloween project up before the witching hour is upon us but we will see….I seem to need all my time management skills lately :-)

Here is the link to the Christmas Clock if you like creating worlds in miniature then these clocks are the perfect frame for them.  Just let your imagination take over and make it small!

Have fun creating in miniature.  Thank you for popping by x

Wednesday 21 October 2015

Something Spooky This Way Comes……..

Hi everyone

I have been a little absent from my Videos and Blog recently.  Summer holidays which was a well deserved break after the stress of a teen taking exams!

I have also been busy on a secret project which you will hear all about in November!!!

I am behind with my 12 Tags so I am going to make an effort to get that sorted in November - I don't think there have been many months where I was not down to the wire posting.  I am still loving making and sharing my tags but they have taken a bit of a back seat this year.

So that little round up brings me to todays share.  Halloween will soon be upon us and if you have been here before you know I love Halloween!  Every year I try to make a little something and I do have a Halloween playlist on my YouTube Channel which you might want to take a look at.

Do you remember this little cutie!  It has my Mummies eyes LOL!  This was such a fun make and was one of the first video tutorial that I ever made - it will make you giggle!

Today I am sharing the first of a couple of Halloween projects and I am going to show you how to turn glass to stone for this skull potion bottle.

This is quite easy to do.  Just take an unusual shaped bottle and a little tissue and glue and a lot of imagination!  I really hope you like this tutorial if you are looking for a Halloween project that you give it a go.

Wishing you lots of spooky creativity this week!  I will be back very soon with another ghostly offering!  Thank you for popping by x
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