Wednesday 13 February 2013


Hello, Hello, How is everyone today?  I am feeling sleepy and underdressed to be visiting but I think you won't mind a pink fluffy visitor....well at least until I have had my breakfast....add hungry to the list :-)

On my desk today there seems to be lots of colour.....

I am working on patterns beginning with the letter D for my Tag Tuesday Alphabet Tags.  I was a bit late starting the challenge but I am catching up and enjoying learning new Zentangle patterns in the process.  I am using my Distress inks to back each of my tags so I end up with a Distress ink rainbow when all 26 tags are finished.  The stack of inks are waiting for me to colour the rest of the backing tags as you can see I have already worked on the reds and pinks.  Also on my desk are the final 3 ink pads I got in the post last week that complete my collection....Yippeee!!!  I think I am going to collect the stains next as I love using them to colour the edges of chipboard and splatting them.  If you have never splatted a Distress Stain I say do!!!!  Don't wear your bestest clothes though and splat where there are no treasured works of art!  But it is a really satisfying thing to do - therapeutic even!  I don't get out much ;-)

Further along my desk I have two layouts waiting to be journaled upon and put away and one Tinkerbell card I need to find a home for.  I might frame her and hang her on my wall.  She is resting on a great teach yourself to draw fairies book.

This is a layout I took all Saturday at the crop to complete - I think I talked a little bit and drank coffee a little bit and ate a little bit too!  This layout is of me and my little bro in our school photo.  I have no idea why we had a fishy backdrop but I am glad we did as I got to use a couple of the Yummy Graphic 45 Tropical Travelogue papers.  Check out those fabulous felt flowers in the corner they were courtesy of my pal Deb who has a fab new die and aren't they just perfect (Thanks Deb x)

And finally the layout I managed to complete at last months crop!!!  See the little envelopes.  I am going to write things about me in them......eventually.  I have to thank another friend for those - Joy was having a clear out and I espied a punch that makes these darling envelopes.  How come everything is so much cuter small????  I know I would be ;-)

I have been since we last met.   I may be making up for the chatting at the crop!!  I has a making up of card samples and packs as I taught Friday Night.  I posted my 3rd Trash to Treasure post and then posted part 2 with the card I am going to give away pop along and comment if you want to be in it to win it!  I made a video tutorial for that one if you want to take a look.  I posted to Tag Tuesday and I finally got my second pattern of 10 card designs and 14 videos into my shop yesterday!  No wonder I am tired this morning...phew.  Today I will be valentine -ing and then back to the tutorials for my third shop project which I had such lovely feedback for  last week - thank you so much.   Callum was 14 yesterday and he loved his Pyramid Mini - especially as he found treasure as he opened it up!!  Isn't it funny how some weeks you seem to coast and some you just don't know were you managed to fit it all in.

Well I suppose I really shouldn't inflict myself you without being a bit presentable so I had better post this and see what number I end up at this week.  Then I am off to get dressed before I come visiting.  I might even put on some lippy!

If you are wondering what this post is all about and why I am describing what is on my desk today then you really do need to follow this link to Julia's desk to find out more!

My desk is your desk ........ or should that be ........Your desk is my desk!!!

Thanks for popping by x


  1. Gosh, such a lot to look at here!! I haven't tried intentional splatting ..... lol! Have a good day. Helen, 2

  2. Lots of Great projects and Ideas :0)
    Happy WOYWW Heather # 62

  3. Good grief, you've been bitten by the 'doing' bug! Love the LOs, gorgeous details. If you're brave, you could ask other people what love you to write some little things about you too.....can't believe you've got all the many is that?!! Wow, colour heaven!

  4. I am right there with you on the splating it is a must. Your tags are fantastic and great zentangle. Loving your pages such lovely colours to enhance your photos
    Happy WOYWW I hope you have a great day
    Ria #47

  5. Great layouts completed on your desk and those tags are fantastic, what a great idea. Yep I love to splat too.

    Happy WOYWW
    Eliza 13

  6. Hi Helen, Happy WOYWW... what a great post - lots of lovely things to see. Love the zentangling (always find that so relaxing to do) fabulous and layouts... Happy Crafting Gill x #64

  7. Never done intentional spatting, must try that one. Your tags are really lovely. Thank you for your visit this morning. I did debate breaking up stamp sets, but decided against that move. so I am keeping them all in their sets, but when I cross reference, I list where each individual stamp is stored so I can find them. We will see how it works in practice. Have a great week with your lovely layouts. xx Maggie #8

  8. Love that LO of the boys but adore that one of you with the envelopes - what a good idea. Also think the idea of using the DI's to back the tags is brilliant. Now why do I never think of things like that?
    Thanks for visiting me - Happy WOYWW.
    Hugs, Neet xx 4

  9. Anonymous14:59

    I have loved your tangled tags :) the DI backs idea is genius! And fab layout (and I may have mentioned before how I just love seeing layouts on WOYWW desks - it's all vicarious scrapping for me at the moment as I keep getting thwarted when it comes time to crop!) and I just love that border effect. Is it the paper? Lush!

    MA (38)

  10. Love the idea of the little envelopes on your layout
    So much going on in your world tags are looking great and like how the zen tangle is going
    Jackie 3

  11. Boy do I know about that ink splat spread! I did one on a tag and decided it needed a bit more splat so I repeated it in the same spot...well needless to say my whole desk, t-shirt and floor was covered in fired brick!

  12. Lovely doodled tags...I will have to remember to show your work to my little grandaughter who is at school...she blogs too and just got an art journal...she might like the zentangle art...yours is so nice it will be a great example of how you can use it for cards or tags!

    Great layouts those little envelopes!

  13. Hi Helen, wow what a busy desk. Those zentangle tags are great and I love the idea of backing them with the distress colours. Glad you have like me completed your collection this week yipee! I also like a good splodge with a distress stain:) Happy WOYWW Hugs Mo x

  14. Hi, Helen, your tags are awesome and I love your beautiful scrapbook pages, too. You have such a awesome work space. Thank you for sharing and have a happy WOYWW... ^_^

  15. I am waiting for those three distress inks to complete my collection too. I have ordered them from a craft shop near here, because I like to give her a bit of trade when I can. But some of her orders take ages to get out here so I have to order things I'd like but am not waiting for! Your layouts are great. Every time I see one I like I want to have another go at mine, but there never seems to be enough time.
    Kate x #126

  16. WOW you have been really busy this week! Love the tags and all the layouts. Have a great week and thanks for sharing. Vickie #17

  17. Love spattling distress inks. Don't do the zentangled. Looks good

  18. hi Helen thanks for visiting yesterday and belated woyww wishes .the dies are from cheery Lynn one is a Deco border edge set of three and the other is a sentient frame from a set when I post the cards I will include the links as I got them from my local craft shop.what fab scrap pages I love the bright colours used on the blue one and the zentangles are ace on my list to try my you are busy and very talented hope you have a fab week and happy valentines Andrea#21

  19. Love the trash to treasure box you made and the cards that match. Sounds like you have been very productive this week.
    April #119

  20. I wish your desk was my desk - those tags are awesome and the idea of the distress ink rainbow is way cool....sounds like you have had a very busy week - and aren't those the best kind?? Thanks for stopping by this week - I'm off to learn more about your tags!
    sara j #52

  21. So how does Tag Tuesday just post to that website? What a fun project!

  22. Sorry for yet one more post - just actually read the instructions for Tag Tuesday. Really great concept.

  23. Bit late for WOYWW visiting I know - had a busy week. Looks like you have some lovely projects on the go. Your Valentine projects is gorgeous.x Jo


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