Friday 28 September 2012

My First You Tube Craft Tutorial!

I suggest you have a chocolate biscuit in your hand and a cuppa nearby if you want to read this post!  You are gonna need sustenance!  I have written a novel!

I am sitting patiently waiting for my 11 minute video to upload to You Tube - I had no idea it would take so long.  I am impatient to press play and to see how it turned out....but since I am still waiting I thought I would write this post so I am ready to share it with you.......If it is decent!

Three days ago I started filming my first video - I wanted to show you how I made my blackberry and sugar stick embellishments.  Remember these two tags?

I got my camera working and filming in the correct format for my Mac and off I went!  It was a very strange experience talking to myself - making sure I stayed in shot and trying very hard to make sense!  I had to wait 24 hours for my blackberries and sugar sticks to set and then I recorded the final stage and viola video tutorial complete......

Nope - then I learnt how to get the tutorial off my camera and onto my Mac - easy peasy and then I had fun taking out all the fluffed bits of my tutorial and suddenly I am sounding a bit more professional.....I said a bit!!  I have to say iMovie makes the editing very easy indeed and I even managed to put on titles at the front of the tutorial and credits at the back even with a little bit of music.   I was pretty pleased with myself at this point..... big mistake!!!

Next I created an account on You Tube - no problem...... went to upload and the computer he say 'no chance!!'  After another round of reading and learning (which is all I seem to be doing of late) I realised I have to finalise my masterpiece in iMovie (2 hours of finalising later) I discover that it also has to be less than 15 minutes long and less than 2GB to upload it to You Tube........My finalised movie is 18 minutes long and 4 GB.   Oh no!  (it really wasn't as polite as that!)

Any of you recognising this scenario at all?  My hat goes off to all those crafters out there making video tutorials that's for sure!

Back to the drawing board - I decided yesterday to make another shorter tutorial - this time of a card I have blogged before that I designed to use up some of those ribbon scraps we all lovingly hang on to....just in case! :-)

No worries - Learn some more great stuff along the way:

1)  Make sure the house is quiet or you get much opening and closing of doors on your soundtrack!
2)  Leave gaps when you are filming so you can edit easier.
3)  When I edit I can fast forward myself so my viewer (if I have any!) doesn't have to watch me tie on a million ribbons or so!
3)  Must remember to take off the sound from any fast forward sections or you get chipmunk sound bites!
4)  I can add on screen notes - great if I fluff my lines!!

So once again I finalise my movie and right now I am publishing it to You Tube - still 2 hours to go - I hope my internet connection doesn't drop out!

So I will in effect be publishing my second video first....

I noticed something strange whilst making my second video - there is a huge difference in the two tutorials file sizes considering there is only a 5 minute difference in length.  I am going to try downloading the first file again before I make the decision to chop it into a Part 1 and Part 2 of my first ever video tutorial - Just a novice and making serials already ;-)

I have finished writing this (is that cheering I hear?) and there is one hour to go until I can learn what I hope is the final step:

Linking my tutorial to my blog so you can watch it - if you are still awake!

Thank you for staying with me and I would really appreciate any feedback you may have so I can perfect my technique.  I definitely need to buy a better rig as I think you need to see a little more of my desk.  When I do get the rig I am also going to try videoing from my perspective rather than from in front of me to see which looks better.

I hope you agree though that I did end up with a video that you could watch and have a go at making the Ribbon Rainbow Card!

Watch this space for the first video second :-)

Of to set up for video 3!  END TRANSMISSION X


  1. Brilliant - looks great! good for you - I've often wondered how much work it must be to do those YouTube tutorials I love watching so much. Will look forward to your next one. annie :)

    1. Thank you so much Annie! I am feeling pretty excited right now as I have just taken a huge step towards my goal of becoming an online craft tutor. It is a bit scary as now I will see if my designs will be popular enough to allow me to do this - keep your fingers crossed for me! x

      I always seem to reply in the wrong place when I do it via my blog!!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Well done for doing this video tutorial. I really enjoy it and also loved the end product. What a great idea for using up the little bits of ribbon.

    Thank you for sharing it with us Helen

    Love Chrissie xx

    1. Thanks Chrissie. I think I forgot to mention in the video you don't have to make a rainbow you could use any colours of ribbon you like and then you can pick any quote you want to.


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