Tuesday 11 September 2012

Tag Tuesday - Autumn Fruits and Berries

When I thought about doing this tag I knew straight away I wanted to do blackberry but I was torn which definition to go for (phone or fruit) as you know how much I like a construction project!!  Then I remembered making the sugar sticks a few tags ago and I knew that I could make blackberries using the same technique.  I showed you them on my last tag post as I made them yesterday so they would dry in time for me to use today.  I know the glass balls I used to coat the pin flair glue gel with make my berries look more like raspberries but I coloured them with alcohol inks to look like blackberries.  So today I was ready to make my tag:

Here are a few photos of the process I went through to make my tag for this week:

I chose a blue patterned paper to become the sky to set my blackberry bramble against.  I made a bramble sprig by wiring together some silk leaves I had stashed away.  I had to make a trip to my local florists to see if they had any tape I could buy to wind around my wires to make them look presentable! Brrrrrr - It is cold out there today - I think Autumn will soon be here!

I made little green.......I don't know what these things are called but they sit on the top of the berries!  Back in a moment - going to Google it..........after many differently worded searches it is the same as a flower has - Calyx!  I doctored flowers that I punched from green card to get these.  I trimmed all the petals so they would be narrower and that did the trick.

I have attached my berries and have left some room to include some blackberry flowers - off to hunt through my paper flower collection......

I had some white paper flowers that were pretty close to size and shape so I added a touch of pink and then blob of silicone to attach each flower to it's calyx!!  Then I dipped them into some golden and black micro beads of glass.  How real do they look!!????

I found the perfect quote to finish my tag.  Especially considering what I was thinking as I started designing this tag.  Here is a close up.  No one is allowed to pick these blackberries!

Each week there is a new theme to inspire lots of wonderful tag art over at Tag Tuesday.  Why not pop along to see what the fruits of our labour has produced!!!!


  1. Hi! Thanks for the comment at Tag Tues. You can buy Cracker Barrel's apple butter at their online store. It's even on sale at the moment! If you really want to make your own, there are lots of recipes on the internet. I don't have my grandma's actual recipe. My sister does, I think! Love your tag too!

  2. I love these blackberries. They are so realistic, and you have got all the details right too. Lovely! Kate x

  3. That really is impressive. Love it! I thought when I glanced at it that you had made the flowers and berries etc from sugar paste. They reminded me so much of when I used to decorate cakes.
    This is fabulous.
    Hugs, Neet xx


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