Sunday 9 September 2012

Used at Last!

Had to share this with you.  Some of you may remember when I was tidying up recently I found a little sewing machine I had bought a long while (years) ago sitting forgotten at the back of a shelf.   It was pristine and unloved.  No longer.... after one false start where I took it to a crop to have a play with but forgot one little but important ingredient - batteries!!!  I finally got around to using this cute little sewing machine.

If you too have one of these lying idle forgotten some where then this may just get you hunting for it.  I had real fun with it.  It has it's limits and does make you think that you would like to do this on a grown up sewing machine but at a crop and for portability I loved it.  I forgot my instructions so I used the white thread only but I think it worked for the things I did.  I found only a couple of draw backs.  The main one was the fact you are limited how far into a piece of card you can work so you have to think about it when you are designing your project.  The second is that it stitches a little chain stitch which means that when you stop sewing if you are not careful you can unravel things.  Once I got the hang of that I was ok and I made sure to add a bit of glue to the finishing threads at the back of the card to keep them in place.........and final point for a little machine it is quite noisy as the girls at the crop will attest to!!

I will post a couple of projects I made with the tiny sewing machine over the next couple of days.  Here is a card I made and I sewed a random wiggly machine stitch border to frame my card and over a couple of squares of paper that I attached as a design element.  I would have liked to stitch my flower motif but that is how I discovered the limit to the machines reach.  I think the hand stitching with embroidery thread worked though and probably draws the right amount of attention to the flower detail of the card.

I was quite pleased with this simple card design and have another card and layout almost finished so watch this space.  I might even read the instructions to change the colour of the thread!  Hope you are having a lovely weekend - I am off to sit in the sun for a while ;-)

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  1. Oh wow I love this Helen. I was looking to get a wee machine for cards a while ago but couldn't find one with a good review that seemed remotely suitable to stitch on card. I like the size of this too as my space is so limited. Where did you find this one? If you can remember ;)


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