Monday 10 September 2012

Tag Tuesday - Circus

Here is my tag for this weeks Circus theme.  I was originally thinking of doing a knife thrower tag with a spinning wheel but then I saw this image from Cirque du Soleil and I just could resist.  It bought back happy memories of the two fabulous shows we have been lucky enough to go to.

I printed out several images so that I could layer them up.  The first one I cut into my tag shape and added an acetate layer so that the reflection looked even more realistic and it has worked a treat.  I added a yellow border and lots of pink bling for dramatic effect and then I got on with the layering up.  It was actually a great image to make 3D.  Her pose is perfect for it infact.  I made her tutu out of Tim Holtz roses that I sprayed with orange, yellow and pink Dylusion sprays.  I made real shoelaces and added knots of thread to her hat and then I cut some yellow paper into really narrow strips and made a pom pom explosion for the top of her hat.  I added just a touch of glitter and I enamelled the Cirque du Soleil logo and my word strips - they are not quite dry as you can see from the photo but it is getting late!!!!

Cirque du Soleil are a wonderful company.  They make magic on the stage with fabulous stage sets, costume, music, lighting and not forgetting extraordinarily talented acts.  They transport you from the every day to a slightly crazy but definitely fabulous and wondrous world.

I am trying to get a head start on my other tags though I am not sure if my blackberries will be dry in time for me to post tomorrow.  Here is a sneak peek. Remember the sugar sticks I made with glass beads.......

I just need to work out what to do with them now I have grown them!!  Getting them off their sticks is going to be a bit of a faff!

I am going to see what everyone else has been making this in hand of course.  Follow me to Tag Tuesday if you are reading this on my blog.

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  1. My head will not accept what you are telling me. This figure (absolutely gorgeous) looks as if it is completely three dimensional. I stopped before on this posting, went to the blackberry one and came back.

    Everything about it is wonderful. Love the edging on the tag itself, the pom pom on her hat, the roses, the shoe laces - everything. But I still say it looks as if it is made of porcelain and is three dimensional.

    Helen, this is fantastic.

    Hugs, Neet (blown away) xx


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