Wednesday 19 September 2012

WOYWW 172 - A bit of Sunshine!

Morning and Happy WOYWW to you all!  The sun is shinning on my desk today....well not so much on this first, soon to be TV studio desk, but on my get painty and inky desk below!  So today is the day I try videoing my first test tutorials - I need to get the frame right - the lighting right - the sound right .....etc, etc, etc!  I think I am going to have an issue with the fact that I can't get enough of my work area in shot with my tripod this way and I am pretty sure the cure is an attachment to put my camera on some sort of pole thingy but can I find what I want on the internet?.....nope!  Don't you think that sometimes you just can't phrase your google search in a way that finds the answer you seek?!  So that is 'some' of what I will be doing today.

And here are some other things I will be playing with - yay no google search necessary for this!  I am revamping a tool box to use on the desk above.  I have included a couple of pictures for you to scroll through if you are interested in the how I achieved what I hope looks like old paint work!!  People must think we craft folk are crazy - we want to make some thing new and fabulous but we want it to look shabby, grungy or distressed too ;-D

The canvas and piece of craft risist with the stamping on a bit further up my desk are to be transformed into a clock.  This design I dreamt up when I had trouble sleeping the night before last and it involves a lot of distress ink and paper weaving!

If you are still with me try speed reading and scrolling really fast for this quick how I did it!  Take one Ikea desk tidy from my son's room as he doesn't use it!  Paint all over with chocolatey acrylic paint.

This paint looks like dark chocolate and I haven't been trying to eat it - honest!  Getting in all those nooks and crannies is a messy job!

I decided that as this project wasn't easily covered with paper and I couldn't find any I liked for this project - I know, I know.... I have access to a 12 x 12 paper mountain and I just can't find the paper I want!   So a paint effect is in order.  Cover chocolate layer with caramel layer.

Then out with a foam stamp from a Making Memories set and on with chocolate drops!  Some perfect and ready for Cadbury and some ready for the seconds bags sold in the factory shop!

Then on with the distressing.  Rub all the edges with a mucky bit of baby wipe used to mop up chocolate paint and then a vigorous sanding down.  Look at my messy craft mat!!

All that is left to do is add some embellishments and fill with mmmmm...... shall I go for new tools or shabby well worn and loved tools? .... decisions, decisions.

Thank you for popping by to all my WOYWW pals and I will see you soon as I have posted this.  If you know not what WOYWW is then follow me (this link) to a world of wondrously creative desks and fab folk all brought together by Julia (Managing Director of a ton of crafty, inspirational, warm and friendly, down right nosiness!)


  1. Great colour paint!! Have a great week and happy woyww! Trace x

  2. Your project looks good, well done. Fran #90

  3. You have created an amazing project and I did scroll down fast to get the action effect. Good luck searching for the lighting track???
    Sandra @105

  4. Wow that looked like a lot of fun Helen - really messy art play - Yay!
    Your tri-pod looks quite scary up on the desk, haha, but good luck with finding what you need to make it work right for you :0)

  5. Anonymous12:45

    That project is looking outstanding. Love dots! And the camera set up - I really need something like that so I can actually USE my video camera :) The old one is on the tripod in the window acting as a security camera LOL!

    Mary Anne (2)

  6. I love this box! That looks absolutely fabulous!!!

  7. Helen, the box is really pretty. I like the colors you chose. Thanks for sharing the process.

    Ok I will shoot you an email to answer your Etsy questions rather than bore other visitors here. But I have been wanting to make some videos myself and want to know how all these people all over Youtube and the web are doing it. I understand what you are saying about the tripod legs getting in the way. Can they open more or will it be too close?

    Have a great day!

    Belinda (#42)

  8. I hope the videoing goes well!!

  9. Hooray for messy fingers! Looks like you've been having a lot of painting fun. ;)
    Happy WOYWW! ♥
    Roudi #112

  10. You’ve done an amazing job with your desk storage Helen. It’s so good I thought it was covered with papers when I first saw it but playing with pain is far more fun.
    Glad you liked my advent calendar. The one that you made sounds a lot like the one I made a few years back with some friends on a craft forum for a children’s hospice. That’s on my sewing blog too. You can see it Here

    Thanks for stopping by this week.
    Happy Crafting!

  11. great looking desk. I know there is a camera mount available that holds the camera over the desk without legs on the desk. One example is here...
    There are a lot of mounts out there.
    Have fun with your videoing.
    Vickie #73

  12. What a great job you've made of the desk storage, and good luck filming your tutorials.

    Thanks for visiting the bears earlier and happy WOYWW

  13. I hope you find what it is you need to get your tutorial video going. At first glance I said,"Geez she's a pro!" The tool box looks really spiffy!Tamika #139

  14. Your ikea unit looks fab. I've got the same one on my desk that's covered with Laura Ashley wallpaper, but I was just thinking yesterday that it needs a re-vamp. I shall have to think about painting it because yours looks gorgeous. Sharon #74

  15. You did a wonderful job on that box--so cute!! Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #36

  16. Anonymous20:32

    Cutting those little pennants out by hand is way too sensible a suggestion Helen!! I only thought of the die cause the package said there's a matching one to buy!! Hope you get the gizmo to get the tutorial going, love the box too. I've love to get into the altered stuff but haven't a clue where to start!

    Brenda 1

  17. Absolutely glorious work on the tool box - looks just fantastic! Scary camera set up... good luck with your googling. Thanks for your visit, and happy WOYWW!
    Alison x

  18. That box is FABULOUS!! Will look forward to your videos, Helen!

    Happy WOYWW!
    :)trisha, #143
    utterly shameless this week . . .

  19. Busy busy! Good luck on your video project too!

  20. What a great make over. Love the colours you chose and glad you resisted eating anything.
    Good luck with the videoing, am sure it does not need to be 100% perfect so why not give it a go anyway. You can always delete it afterwards.
    Hugs, Neet 33 xx

  21. Is that a stencil on top of your canvas? Because if it is, I want one. It's gorgeous. Good luck with the filming. Try not to worry about all the little details; you'll get them right with practice.

    Thank you so much for stopping by,
    cheers, rachel #62

  22. OOOH Polka dots and squares, I love how you transformed that tool box! I am also intrigued on how the clock turns out.... I too often dream an art plan. and I can relate to the mountain of paper choices. Have fun with the video! Exciting work coming up!!! Love whats on your desk ... I'm at #120 and thanks for your kind remarks there. Looking forward to visiting again!!!!

  23. Oh what a fun project that will keep on inspiring you. Thanks for dropping by my blog this week.

  24. Fabulous. Lovely to see each stage. Really enjoyed it thanks. Loved your comments on my post about your parents and their blanket. Ahhhh.

  25. Love the luscious shabbiness! Very cool! Happy WOYWW, Lisa

  26. Super job of the desk tidy (and I read it all - LOL) BJ#19

  27. You did a great job with the painting. Sorry, I can be of no help trying to find a pole thingy, I get what you want, why is Google having difficulty with it?
    Happy belated WOYWW!
    Tertia #46


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