Monday 21 July 2014

The What I am Working on Blog Hop! - I forgot to post this so it is a little late!!!!!

Thank you to my lovely friend Annie for nominating me for this fun blog hop.  The questions are designed to find out a little more about our creative personalities and traits!  You can see Annie's post here and at the end of my post I will nominate 3 blog friends to join in too!  I believe I am posting this on a Monday and ask my nominees if they have time to take part to do the same!

Q1 What am I working on now?

Oh so many things and so little time.and who keeps switching the sunshine on and tempting me into the garden? ;-)  I am busy prepping for my card class on Friday  I have almost finished.  I just need check I have packed everything and cut out a couple more greetings from lovely lilac glitter card!  I have 4 parcels waiting to be opened and booked into my shop.I like this job as it almost feels like it is  mine all mine…tee hee!  I have to put the final links on my second Rubber Dance Design Team video and check when I am posting next and as a result of seeing a wonderful post from Angela about her children watching one of my videos and then getting busy with the paints and papers I am making a plan for a new course I want to teach to secondary school students!  So busy busy and covered in glitter….happy days!  Here is a sneak peek of the Design Team Project.

Q2 - How does my work differ from others of its kind?

This is a tricky one as I am not sure I have a style as such.  I have loved making things since I was a little girl making clothes for my Sindy doll and raiding my Gran's bits and bobs bags to do so.  My Gran made lots of things to sell for charity and was always knitting or sewing something.  I think I am different in what drives me to do what I do. I have a passion for designing and love nothing better than when someone wants to make one of my designs be it a card or a scrapbook page or a tag or a……..the list goes on!  That is why I design online workshops that I sell on my ETSY shop and share tutorials on my You Tube Channel.  I think my style of teaching is a little different because of course I want my student to get a great result because I break a project down into easy to achieve steps but I also want to show them how they can make that project their own.  To chat about what I think when I create my designs so that I can make them versatile enough that any crafter making them can stamp their own personality on their creations.  I hope that is what makes me different.  You may not know that over the years I have painted many murals here is one I painted in the smallest room in the house!  I do have a blank wall on which I will one day paint the Grinch withholding the loo roll!!!

Q3 - Why do I create what I do?

Because I love to create and gain enormous enjoyment from it and want others to feel that too.  I believe that everyone can be creative and it really upsets me when I hear someone say they were put off trying creative hobbies by someone else's opinion of what is good.  Without a doubt it is fab when others like what you create but not everyone will and that does not make what you have done bad.  I want to pass on my passion and of course a few things I have learnt over the years and many many hobbies later!  My next online workshops are a mini book and a clock.  I love to take pieces of card and  gorgeous papers and make something that will be treasured by its recipient.  I get wonderful feedback from crafters who have make my projects and their pleasure in their results spurs me on to get more of the designs whirring in my head videoed and online…….Here is the clock that was once chipboard and scrapbook paper!

Q4 - How does my creative process work?

These really are tricky little questions!  I think my 12 Tags videos show some of my creative process as I am starting from the point of inspiration which could be anything but in this instance is from Tim Holtz monthly tag tutorial and then it is the many little choices I make along the way that makes my tag unique to me.  My 3D projects begin life as an idea.  I recently posted a Celebration Cake Mini workshop.  I was asked by a friend to make something for a birthday which would be given at a party to celebrate 40 years and the cake is the result of that request!  I think I have the kind of brain that wants to see what that one idea can lead to and that is why this workshop took me so long to make and get online.  I made so many different varieties of the same project I just had to make the final project which was to upscale the single tier cake into a 3 tier wedding cake.  I think that is my process..One thing leads to another and another and the journey is a fun and exciting one that I love sharing.  Here is a yummy cake with absolutely no calories!!!!

Well that is it from me!  I hope you found this Q&A interesting and not boring!!! ;-)  YOU CAN WAKE UP NOW!

My nominees to join in this Q&A blog hop are blog friends I have made and I know if we were to meet for real we would be kindred spirits.  It was hard to choose as I am lucky to have made many blogging friends over the years who have supported me with kind words of encouragement..I know I can't nominate Annie again!…So I nominate……..

Mo aka TwinkleToes2Day who I have loved getting to know and who is enjoying her creative journey and is passing that love of creating to her little boy.

The lovely Anne who is a fellow Tim Holtz tag maker and who loves a challenge just like me!

Bibi of Rubber Dance stamps who gave me the chance to do what I love in a Design Team setting!  Thank you for your faith in me Bibi.

Just to let you know if you want to join it just answer the 4 questions on a post next Monday and then nominate 3 more people to join in this fun getting to know you blog hop!

Until next time I wish you all a fabulous week and thank you for popping by X

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  1. Oh my goodness Helen, I thought you were my friend!? Lol
    Now I really need to get my thinking cap on, lol. I know straight away who I will nominate, but what I will write is a whol-le other kettle of fish........
    Anyhoo, I'm loving your newest makes of course and I'm intrigued by your thoughts on classes for high school students ;-)
    OK, ttfn, I hope the weather stays kind to you ✴♥✴ xx


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