Tuesday 22 July 2014

3 Little Rubber Dance Tags…all in a row!

Hi Everyone

As you know I am now a proud member of the Rubber Dance Design Team and I have decided to make a fun extra project which I thought you might like to see the beginnings of.  I have decided as the lovely Bibi sent me a handful of tags to play with when she sent me my Design Team Package I would make some little tags to document the fun I am having as part of this lovely team.

Each one is inspired by the stamps I have used so far and when I am finished I am going to make a scaled down version of my Tag Storage Project to keep them in!

All the techniques I have used on them are the same as the ones I have explained in my Rubber Dance video tutorials.  The Hot Chilli Pepper tag uses the Hot, Hot, Hot stamp sheet and there are card ideas and tutorials coming your way in August so watch out for those!  One of them will be shared over on the Rubber Dance Facebook page so please pop along and like the page to be sure you don't miss out! 

I will share these little tags as I make them.  I hope you are having a great week and thank you for popping by X



  1. Anonymous12:34

    I love your tags. Did the peppers come with the designs on them or did you add the doodling?

    1. Hi Boo. The stamp is just an outline so it was perfect to do a spot of gentle doodling!!!! I want to make a card using this idea. The outline stamps are perfect for paper piecing too so I think some hot mexican patterned papers would look fab! x

  2. Gorgeous tags as usual Helen :-D <3 looking forward to the videos (as uusual), lol. Hope your weather is still fine :-) No sun here today but ohh soo sticky, yuk! hugs xx

    1. Thanks Mo - you know me can't resist making tags! It is hot hot hot here today. I keep trying to get out and sit in it but I don't know where the day goes. Callum starts his holidays today and my Mother-in-law is coming to stay so no rest for me ;-) Off to wash the dog as he is a bit stinky! I think he will appreciate the cool down ;-) Hugs x

    2. Lol, hope the dog is smelling a little sweeter now, ;-)
      The sun appeared after lunch time so I retreated indoors. The schools have been out since the beginning of July here, so we're nearly halfway thru the hols already. Daily adventures are lots more fun than the school day routine xx

  3. Pinned! ;-) Such cool and pretty tags, Helen! Thank you for using my stamps again!

  4. Anonymous09:37

    Wonderful tags, Helen. Makes me drool for the stamps :-)

    1. My work here is done ;-) They are fab and I am looking forward to sharing lots more tutorials in the coming weeks x

  5. Gorgeous, Helen. Lovely images, and lovely colours too.

    I have now made my version of your "Bejewelled" card and you can see it here:
    Hope you like it!

    If you read my subsequent posts you'll see that I've been well and truly through the mill over the past few days.


  6. Dear Helen... thank you so much for your lovely comments and I so much appreciate them! I am so glad you like my take on your "Bejewelled" card, and of course you can put it on your Facebook page! I'd be delighted for you to do that, and I'd love to see what other interpretations of your lovely design there are, too.

    Thank you especially for your kind message about my recent experiences. I am feeling quite under the weather today (not surprisingly) and messages like this help such a lot! I am hanging onto the fact that I should be feeling a lot better in a day or two, and after quite a long period of things to cope with (moving house, selling Mum and Dad's, being diagnosed with colitis, Dad dying, settling Mum here with us, her recent TIA and my hubby's retirement to mention a few) I hope that now I can have a nice calm peaceful period where I can get into a gentle routine and especially be able to spend some more time in my ARTHaven and fulfil my frustrated need to be creative!

    I so appreciate your friendship and encouragement.
    Shoshi x


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