Wednesday 2 July 2014

New Video and a Parcel!!!!!

Hi everyone

Firstly as promised here is the link (just a little late) to my latest video.  It is of my June tag for Tim Holts 12 Tags of 2014.

I hope you enjoy watching how I got from Tim's inspiration to my interpretation!  I have to say you really need to check out July's tag from Tim as it is a beauty.  My favourite so far.  I am not sure when I am going to get to play along but I do want to try to get hold of the lovely seahorse die first….Just a teeny tiny bit of shopping to do!!!

This morning I am happy to report a lovely parcel arrived at our house and Comet was napping in the garden so the postman managed to get it delivered!!!!  Comet is a lovely dog and wouldn't hurt a fly but he is big and he is noisy so I really don't blame the postie for not venturing in when he is out in the garden!  Consequently we always check when Comet barks (or at least we try to) especially when we are expecting mail.

I was having a coffee break in the garden with hubby when it arrived.  It was exciting unwrapping the lovely parcel that the Bibi from Rubber Dance had put together.  So many thoughtful touches - thank you Bibi it was a real treat.

Rubber Dance is based in Norway so check out those stamps I think I will keep hold of those!

Now I am going to be a bit of a tease and just show you a snippet of my parcel!!!!  ;-)  I want to keep you in suspense over the lovely images I am so lucky to be able to work and create with over the coming months.

If you can't wait for that and want to look at the beautiful stamps that I and my fellow Design Team members  will be creating with then why not follow this link over to Rubber Dance and check them out!

Wishing you all as much fun as I am having and thank you for popping by X
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  1. Hi Helen, I missed your tag, you must have posted it when I was on holiday but I just wanted to come over and say how beautiful it is (and Tim pinned it too!), I love how you take inspiration from Tim and make it your own. Great video too. Anne x

    1. OMG Anne I am having an exciting day!!!! I have been pinned by Tim and it didn't hurt a bit ;-) Thank you for letting me know. Have you seen this month's tag? It is my favourite so far - can't wait to try it for myself……I think I need that sea horse die!!!!

  2. Hi Helen!
    I'm so glad the DT parcel arrived so fast, and that the mailman was safe while Comet was dreaming of more parcels to be delivered ... *chuckle* Good dog!
    I'm very lucky to have you on my Design Team! I know you will make beautilful artwork using my stamps. <3
    Bibi from Rubber Dance

  3. I am grinning like a cheshire cat with the lovely comments on the last post that include my name, I am delighted to have been in the right place at the right time and be able to spread the love.
    You rotter! I was so looking forward to seeing happy mail pictures, and you're teasing us! Lol. How fun it is to get mail like that and good old Comet being otherwise occupied is a bonus, lol. I really must get time to look at your recent videos, I'm so far behind :( but school hols start on Friday and you know how they interfere with any creative time *sigh*
    Looking forward very much to your new creations Helen ((hugs)) xx


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