Monday 21 July 2014

A Bejewelled Card Tutorial - It's so easy!

Hi everyone

I feel like I have been away for a while from my blog - it seems to go like that sometime.  I do have lots in the pipeline and I am busy working on 2 more videos for Rubber Dance Stamps and of course my next online workshop.  I gave a couple of sneak peeks on my Facebook page yesterday!  Here is the link if you want to pop over.  Don't forget to hit that 'like' button whilst you are there!!!!

Here is the link!

Back to today and my latest video tutorial.  I had to post this one as it is a fun design and very easy card to make but it looks really effective.

It is even more effective in real life because of all the sparkle!!!  Hence the title of the card 'Bejewelled'!  You know me no tutorial is complete without a few variations so here is a Christmas version.

What about scaling back on the sparkle and toning down the colours for a more masculine version?

You can see here there are no sequins so I have replaced them with letter stickers.  The gems are replaced with screw top brads and the stickles are distress stickles.

My particular favourite is this frosty offering:

I think this photo does a little more justice to how pretty and sparkly these cards look.  If you want to try this card for yourself then please check out the video below and I hope you have lots of fun splattering and glittering to your heart's content!  Ooo I just realised I forgot to put the little blue jewels in the 'C' of Christmas!

Please do not wear your best clothes when trying this…..just incase you become over zealous with your splatters!  If you have had a hard day you could find yourself tapping that paintbrush a little harder than you intend to ;-)  Mind you there are worst things than being covered in sparkling paints and glitters!!!

Cutting Guide:

Main Card: 11 1/2" x 8" scored at 5 3/4" or 29 cm x 20.5 cm scored at 14.5 cm
Black Card: 6 1/2" x 4 1/4" or 16.5 cm x 10.5 cm
Glitter Card: 6 3/4" x 4 1/2" or 17.5 cm x 11.5 cm

So that is it from me……one really easy, fun card with lots of opportunities to come up with variations of your own.  Don't forget you can always post photos of anything you make as a result of following any of my tutorials over on my Facebook page… fact it is the law tee hee!

Last few days with Callum at school and then the Summer Holidays are upon us!  I love the days when you don't have to put on your alarm clock, don't you?  I do still wake up fairly early but it is just nice to go to sleep knowing you can just sleep until your body wants to wake.

Have a lovely week and thank you for popping by X


  1. I think you must be a wee bit psychic. Why? Because almost every time I need a different type of card, it appears here! I'm needing a different kind of masculine card and you've come up trumps again. Thanks Helen. I'm off to check out what I need. I have to post it by Thursday. Eeeek! No pressure then ;-) lol xx

  2. Hi Helen, I thought I'd left a comment here but it doesn't seem to have worked... anyway, thanks for inviting me to put the photo of my "Bejewelled" card on your facebook page, but unfortunately I don't have facebook. Please do feel free to put it there yourself if you would like.



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