Tuesday 24 June 2014

My very first Video Tutorial

Hi Everyone

I am going to start this post with a little catch up photo on the status of the pond:

Loving how the rocks have turned out at the back I just need to plant up behind them…..back in the water for me it is then!!!  The pipe you see poking out of the rocks is going to be attached to piece of copper pipe or maybe an old tap…….that could be quite interesting.  I need to re-do the edge of the pond that runs along the wall - that is why the pebbles are there.  I was going to try and do that today but it has just started raining so maybe tomorrow.

Once those two jobs are done we are going to empty out the pool…which I think is going a bit green and I need to look that up to see how to prevent that.  Fish out any debris I have dropped into the pool during construction! and then refill ready to add plants and eventually fish….again need to read up about this as we have never looked after a pond.  We want to create an area for the birds to get to the water and the frogs to get out too….almost there.

I was having a bit of a clear out or my video files.  They are quite big and even though I have a huge hard drive they soon fill up my memory so I have an external drive to store the video files and then I can make more!!!!  So where was I?…..Oh yes I found the first video I ever made and remembered it was never posted.  At the time it was too long and I was only allowed to upload 15 minute videos and didn't know how to change that as I was new to You Tube as well.  Way back in September 2012 everything was new to me!

At the time I was an avid participant in the Tag Tuesday Challenge and these were two of my creations resulting from different themes that are posted each week.  I really enjoyed making the blackberry and sugar stick embellishments and thought it would make a fun tutorial.

So today I am posting that video - I was tempted to re do it but then decided it was a fun record of my You Tube journey and is still a useful little tutorial.  Have a look….I really hope it makes you smile …..it made me chuckle as way back then I didn't know how to do voice overs and I remember my brain whirring like crazy and trying desperately not to say Ummmm too many times ;-)

Before I go I also wanted to share a link to my friend Annie's blog…….I recently shared a mixed media canvas tutorial and I was pleased as punch to see what it inspired.  Here is my original piece:

The video I made was aimed at trying to break down the process of creating the canvas into easy steps to encourage newbies to have a go at mixed media….Follow this link and you will be amazed at what Annie has created.  I love how fabulous Annie's page looks with all the zingy colours.  Please follow this link and check it out!  There is also a surprise creation that will make you smile that goes with the journal page.  I am looking forward to seeing more …….oh can't say too much or I will give away the surprise!

I just want to finish up by saying if you are new to my blog don't forget to subscribe if you like what you see…..there is tons and tons of creativity to check out so please have a really good look around!

'Till next time thank you for popping by X

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  1. The pond is looking wonderful Helen and it will be even better once all planted up and the 'widlife' can enjoy it.
    I went over to Anne's blog and left some comment love about her gorgeous page and the sweet snails. The real ones are quite a pest in my garden just now. They could do with some lessons from Anne's on how to concentrate on glamming not sliming, lol.
    I remember the berry tag very well, and the Rock one too. Always such meticulous work from you. Looking forward to seeing the video asap.
    Btw, how did the exams go?
    Love n hugs :o) x


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