Monday 30 June 2014

12 Tags of 2014 - June

By the skin of my teeth this month.  Just realised that June is a short month ;-) !!!!

I thought I would explain here today to any new visitor popping by what this tag challenge is all about. This is my third year of playing along with Tim Holtz 12 Tags of 20….14 this year.  Each month Tim posts a tag to inspire the folk that want to play along.  Each month there is always a technique or three to try you hand at and lots of lovely inspiration to spur you on to create your own unique take on his tag.  What I love about this challenge is that it doesn't matter your level of expertise nor the size of you Tim/Ranger stash just make a tag.  If you follow any of my links back to the challenge site you will see lots and lots more examples of what one tag can inspire.

Here is Tim's Tag for this month's inspiration:

and here is my interpretation…..

So you can see what I mean about interpretation here are the elements that are in both our tags.  Starting at the top I followed Tim's instructions to create a Paula style bow for the top of my tag.  I decided to try the main technique which was using distress inks to colour a stencil and to create a print with it for the background of the tag.  As you can see I used a heart stencil as I do not have the star one yet.  I also used my distress paints rather than ink as I do not have the minis and I found the smaller applicator of the paint easier to handle.  I have switched my wording to the opposite side and have used stickers rather than a stamp and as I do not have the lovely butterflies I went with the roulette wheel which actually was my starting point and led to the colour scheme and theme of my tag this month.  Ta Da!

I will post a video tomorrow sometime with all the details of exactly how I put this together as this is so late I need to get linked up now!!!!!

I really hope if you haven't heard of this challenge you will follow this link to 12 Tags of 2014 to see all the fun you could be having!!!!

You could also pop along to my You Tube channel and look for the 12 Tags of 2014 playlist you will be able to see all the tags I have made this year!  There is a link in my side bar on the right to my You Tube Channel.

Here is my tag all neatly stored away in this year's storage!  If you want to make one of these for your tags then I have an online workshop for sale where I show you how.  There is a purchase button on my side bar (left) or click here to go to my ETSY shop to see all of my workshops as well as this one.

Until tomorrow ……You Tube willing!!!!! Video is up so I am adding the link now!

Thank you for popping by X


  1. LOVE your take! The background is wonderful, and love the lucky theme, especially the cards!

  2. As always I really enjoyed watching the video of this tag, Helen. Although "luck" is not a theme that appeals to me, I loved what you did with the materials and techniques, and the limited colour palette too.

    As I commented on your Youtube channel, I am really into recycling mode at the moment and save everything. Following Jennibellie's example (you can find her on Youtube) I no longer wash my brushes out in water before swiping them well on scratch paper - you waste so much paint in the water! As the scratch paper builds up with paint, ink, stamping off to clean your stamps, etc., it produces the most wonderfully random background papers! If I were to do the "stencil as a stamp" technique (which I certainly want to try - I've done it with embossing folders) I'd use it as a stencil onto a piece of paper at the same time so I could use that for something else later, and maybe even stamp off the stencil again for a ghosted effect on a fresh sheet. That way you could make 3 projects from one application of paint!! (I think I'm getting really mean in my old age - now my hubby has retired I've got to think along these lines as I simply can no longer afford to buy materials in the same way as I used to lol!!)

    I've got a gorgeous grungey piece of kitchen paper created by mopping up in my current project, which is now ready to be used as a background sheet - you can see it in my most recent blog post. I've got a whole box of inked kitchen paper which you can rip up and re-create as hand-made paper, cover things with, etc. etc.

    Have fun! I soooo enjoy your tags, and always look forward to the next one!



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