Monday 30 June 2014

…….And another Challenge Layout!

…..I told you I loved this mood board by Di Garling from the Scrap Around the World June challenge.

Yesterday I was cropping with my friends and I thought I would have another play with these fun colour and the black and white stripes!

I had a ton of fun creating this.  It is not how I usually scrapbook but I loved it.  I will definitely be trying this style again.  For my first attempt I kept it simple.  But simple takes planning!!!!  Where are you going to put the photos?  Where is the title and what about the journalling?  You can see that the journalling didn't find a home yet!

I used the tiniest scraps of paper and washi tape and mixed and matched letters from an old sticker sheet.  I had to borrow the 'e' in me from my friend Jacqui … was brown but I coloured it in!

As I write this I have come up with a plan for that journalling ….I am going to tell you all about my families trips to many photo booths around the UK, usually at days out to the seaside….these days the booths are mostly used to take awful Passport Photos…..I am convinced there is a gremlin in there picking out the worst bits of folk to feature in their Passport Photo that they have to live with for 10 years!!!!!  I can hear him cackling to himself as he takes my money and shows me my faults in quadruplicate!!!!

……I digress oh yes….My Dad in particular loved these booths.  We have lots of little strips of our family posing….one nice one……one silly one!  I have to asks my Mum why on earth she left my hood up!!!!! and where was my little brother???  I think he may have been in a pram looking at the age of me…….talking of the silly ones ……maybe this is why the passport photo gremlin does his thing….he has taken personally all the weird faces that have been pulled in his booth over the years and now it is PAYBACK time…….;-)

And all that journalling I am going to write really small around the outside of the layout to create a written frame.

I am definitely going to make a scrapbook tutorial showing you how I tackled this style and I think it will make a great introduction for anyone thinking of doing something a little more arty on their scrapbook layouts.

A big thank you from me to the team at Scrap Around the World for a great challenge site.  I highly recommend you follow the links to see some fabulous layouts inspired by this months wonderful mood board.

Thank you for popping by X

OMGoodness I have just realised their are only 30 days in June and I haven't completed this months 12 tags of 2014!  Better get  wriggle on!!!!  Watch this space……I'll be back ;-)


  1. I love these Helen. The colours, the design and the topics.
    I remember those photo booths very well, usually in Woolies. My friend and I used to do that and I am sure I have a few somewhere. You have given me a great idea.

    1. Thanks Hettie - have fun with your photo booth layouts! x

  2. I love these Helen.
    The colours are great and the subjects in both. Great construction.
    I remember those booths well. Mostly in Woolies! I think I have some of my friend and I and you have given me a great idea. Thank you.

  3. What a fun page, thank you so much for joining SATW this month

  4. I love those photos! So cool! That background is also very beautiful! Thank you for playing with us at Scrap Around The World in June!

  5. What a great page! :) Thank you for playing with SATW! :)

  6. What a great page! I love the horizontal paper strips and the stamping! Great take on the Mood Board! All the best from SATW! :)

  7. Stunning page!!! Love it so much! Thanks for sharing at SATW!

  8. Wow! Love this .... and have pinned it ... hope you don't mind! Just found your blog via "ArtyfartyAnnie" - so pleased I did as I've added you to my bloglovin list!! :)


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