Tuesday 3 June 2014

Craft and Pond update!

Hello and welcome to the craft and pond news bulletin!!!!  On the craft front I am finally getting on with the Pyramid Mini online workshop.  It was over a year ago that I first came up with this design as a gift for Callum on his birthday.  I have absolutely no idea why it has taken me so long but I have written down a list of what I need to do to get it finished and uploaded ready to sell at last!  I am steadily ticking off items on this to do list.

Here is the one I made for Callum and I will be sharing more ideas for how to decorate this easy to personalise project in the near future……An advert on You Tube!

Here is the link to the original post if you want to see the surprises inside this fun project.

Now for the garden and pond updates!!!

Last time the sun shone in our garden I pressure washed what used to be the place the previous owners of our house had their whirly gig washing line.  We didn't like that kind of washing line so we got rid of it as it was the perfect place to put Callum's pool and then trampoline.  Every year it needs weeding and the pressure washer makes it a little more fun.  Here is the before…..

Plenty of grass to banish from between the block paving.  Some considerable time later……..

The patio is lovely and clean but what about my feet!?…….

Yuk!  I even had splashes on my face!  My next job after a shower was to line the pond with sand.

Five bags of sand later….it was a bit of a job lining the walls but I got there and then Ivan and I lifted in the pond liner.  Scary moment as for a minute or two we thought it was a bit small!

…..and guess who got the job of jumping in and out of the pond whilst it was filling to re arrange the liner so it was nice and neat?…….good job I had that shower.

I thought I might tease Ivan at this point by reporting that he was sitting under the umbrella sipping Pimms whilst I was hard at it……would be a good test to see if he keeps up with my blog ;-) tee hee

…..but really he was the one who fetched all the sand and mowed the lawn and made the Sunday dinner!

So that is it for this report as I am off to Edit Video 6 of my workshop.  I'll let you see the finished pond once ……..mmmmm…..oh yes I get to stand in the water and finish off the edges with stones!

I have just been searching for the link I mention earlier and I found loads of fun stuff from way back in my blog archives and I think I am going to re post some of them….a kind of 'Blog Blast from the Past'. I think it would be fun……what do you think?  Might try that on Thursday as tomorrow is WOYWW.

Have a great week and thank you for popping by X


  1. Hahahaha - what mucky feet!! But what a fab job that presure washer makes. It sure was a good job you had a shower before getting in the pond water, lol. I've got a traditional straight line for my washing, letting it flap in the breeze and not get blown over the top of a whirlygig.
    I would love to see a 'blast from the past', of your posts, I reckon there aren't many I haven't seen, but it will be fab to look back. TTfn :o)) *hugs* xx

  2. Hey Helen - happy WOYWW - there's no Mr Linky this week so we're all just posting links with our comments. Thanks so much again for the beautiful ATC, I've posted some pics here -

    hehehehe love the feet - I've had those feet after power-washing too! What a beautiful garden you have, though obviously lots of hard work to get it that way.

    Looking forward to your blasts from the past and always enjoy your youtube vids - especially love the TH tag ones, which I like to watch whilst crafting away in my room.

    Have a happy creative week :o)

  3. Gosh that project always gets me it is such a beauty I must give it a go one day. As for the cleaning job well done, I did get a giggle out of the feet, but seriously why didn't you just get in the pond and have a bath? Ivan could of hosed you down outside before bathing in the pond. LOL. By the way the pond is looking brilliant, great job are you putting fish in?

    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs Eliza & Yoda
    no linky Julia has taken him on a siesta

  4. Your job with the pond brings back memories. We made one in the garden and then enlarged it five years later so I know the fun you're having.
    I have just posted some photos of the pond if you're interested.
    Happy crafting, Angela x #7 Mr linky came back off his hols.


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