Sunday 3 November 2013

Mini Machine Stitches a Large Layout!

Quite some time ago I shared a couple of photos of cards I made using a teeny tiny sewing machine I found when tidying up my shelves and cupboards.  I had forgotten I had bought it and it had never been used and this layout is actually the first project I tried my mini sewing machine on and its colour scheme inspired the two cards I went on to make.  The ones I actually finished and shared!!! Here is a link to the first card and here is a link to the second!  I took a while to do the journalling so it has ended up being posted last and very much later indeed.  I am definitely a slow journaller!

This is my first ever attempt at paint splattering on my layouts as well as trying out my long forgotten sewing machine from Lilliput.  It was a bit scary and I probably should have done it before I put it all together!  I think I like it though.  The white dots and spots are completely random splatter - I got it everywhere. Then I wanted to add another colour and wanted a bit more control so I just dotted that on with the end of the paint brush - a much more calming experience!

Here is something strange that will make you chuckle.  When I was sewing this layout I found myself wiggling my foot around under my desk to find the foot control of my sewing machine!!  How bazaar is that :-)

Here is my eldest son Damian with his prize catch - a very tasty sea bass.  Damian still likes fishing he was 17 then and 30 now.  He has gone back to live in Gibraltar so those Sea Bass had better be on their guard!!!

Wishing you inspiration and the time to create!  Thank you for popping by X

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