Saturday 9 November 2013

Halloween Tutorial - Is this late or incredibly early????

Morning everyone.  It is a misty, damp autumnal morning outside my window today.  I am sharing a video I didn't quite get finished in time for Halloween!  Proceedings were interrupted by a family break in Cornwall and because I didn't have any corks to finish off my spooky creations!  I had to buy them with no wine attached......who would believe that!!!!!? ;-) Actually hubby went out an bought them for me so big kiss to him X

I had such fun making these I am going to be collecting a few more unusual shaped bottles this year to make another little display for the other side of my fireplace.  They look fab when the fire is lit.  Here is the tutorial to get you thinking of spooky potion looks of your own.

I am off to have my breakfast before I leave for my crop with friends.  We will be cozy and warm surrounded by our stash.  How much of it will be used I am not sure.  But I know for sure calories will be consumed, coffee will be drunk and there will be laughter ;-) ........layouts mmmmmm......can't guarantee it ha ha!

I will post again tonight and move on to Christmas with my next tutorial.  See you later and thank you for popping by X


  1. Such great bottles Helen! I love the various looks you got! I have a few bottles that I loved the shape of, so next year I will try one of these!! Thank you for taking the time to do these tutorials!

    1. Thanks Winnie and you are welcome! They are a fun project and I have to confess they are still standing by my fireside as it was a shame to wrap them straight up and to put them away for next year!!! Still I will have to do that soon as the Christmas season is coming up fast!!! Is it cold in New York yet? Have a great week hugs Helen x

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