Sunday 3 November 2013

I love Cornwall.....

....even if it has rubbish internet connection!!!!!  Callum, Ivan and I have just returned from spending half term in Cornwall.  It is the first time we have been there and we loved it.

We stayed in a mobile home which Callum thinks would make a fab party pad!  Our second night was the night of the storm and I have to say after being a little uneasy about our home from home blowing away in a gale we spent the day walking by a fabulously stormy sea and the night sleeping soundly as the wind blew straight past and on up the country.  We have had a lovely time exploring the Cornish Coast and its many tiny coves and finding great spots to eat well earned cream teas!!!

We found a fabulous cafe at Lizards Point perched on a cliff and we sat outside with our Cornish Cream tea (in my case coffee).  A lovely spot to enjoy the rugged Cornish coast and a few yummy calories!!!

We were not put off by the changeable weather one bit as we love to be by the sea whatever mood it is in.  I will share a few more photos of some lovely spots we found last week as I get back to more regular blogging.   I did intend to blog from Cornwall but I just couldn't get online.  I even prepared a couple of posts so I could share them whilst we were away so I just shared one of them a moment ago!

I hope to catch up with a few craft things now I am back.  I almost finished a halloween video before I left for Cornwall so even though it is late I think I will finish that off tomorrow and get that up.  It will be inspiration for next year ;-)  I saved some unusual bottles throughout 2013 and had fun turning them into spooky potions to add to my Halloween home decor.

I also need to catch up with my Tim Holtz 12 tags as I missed the October deadline and Tim will post November tomorrow.......and I have class prep this week so I really know I am back from my restful holiday!!!!  Might need another cream tea or three to sustain me through the busy crafty week ahead.

One more photo of Cornwall before I go to peel potatoes for Sunday Lunch!!!  We visited Lands End and the day was blustery and the weather changeable as you can see!  I managed to capture the beautiful blue skies and a raincloud passing over and the end of the rainbow!!!!

I think there will be a pot of clotted cream at the end of this Cornish Rainbow ;-)

Hope you have a wonderful week.  Thank you for popping by X


  1. Two awesome photographs :)

    1. Thanks Laura - I think I need to scrapbook these. They capture the essence of a Cornish Holiday fabulous views taken with a good dollop of Cornish Clotted Cream Yum!

  2. Brilliant photo of the sea and the rainbow Helen! I am glad you had a lovely time.
    Jane x

    1. Thanks Jane - It was cool to capture the end of the Rainbow. It was a bit blowy to go and investigate for real though!!! ;-)


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