Wednesday 4 September 2013

WOYWW 222 (Three Little Ducks!)

Morning Everyone!

Bit of a lie in today - the last one of the Summer holidays as Callum goes back to school tomorrow!  Has it been 6 weeks already????

Here is my first WOYWW photo, the before shot......

Mess, mess and more mess!  This is the mayhem left behind after making Tim Holtz a thank you present and after finishing off making my August 12 Tags of 2013 tag.  Oh what fun I had as you can see!!!  If you want to see what fun we had with Tim when he visited us in the UK I have posted about it here, here and here!  I was very excited as you can tell from the 3 posts!!

Here is my desk after a quick tidy - I now have room to finish off my tag book that we made at the workshop - I will share photos when it is finished.  In shot is also my Art Journal as I want to make another video.

I uploaded the video from my 12 Tags of 2013 series last night.  I have been making a video of each of my tags this year.  I thought it would be a fun way to share.  It is fun to see how I go from Tim's inspiration to my interpretation.  I love to see all the creativity that his challenge inspires in everyone that plays along.  I will post that in my next post.

Here is the tag that I gave to Tim - I popped a smaller tag in the pocket (don't know why I didn't photograph it!!!) to say thank you for all the 12 Tags fun. is the other side!  Now as you scrolled down you may have noticed I have Pinterest buttons!  I have taken the buttons off the photos of my mess but kept them on things I think folk might want to pin.  This is my new found blog skill!  I feel quite techie now ;-)  Always something new to learn.  I thought I would include these tag photos here so I could give you the link to the 'How to do it'.  You need to be a bit careful because you are playing with the HTML code (scary) but I managed it first time so I think most people could.  Hope you find it useful.  TIP.  As I copied in the code I wrote down the line numbers so I could delete the code easily if I messed it up!!!

That's it from me - off to have a late breakfast and then back for some desk hopping!!! If you don't know what desk hopping is then follow this link to the WOYWW hub to find out more - It's great fun and you meet lots of lovely crafters along the way.

Happy WOYWW to you and thank you for popping by X


  1. Look at all your wonderful tags on your wall, what an amazing coulourful wall to look at. Love your tags off to have a peek at the links.
    Happy WOYWW
    Sandy :) #35

  2. LOve the messy desk =). That's a lovely tag you made for Tim =).
    Happy WOYWW a I wish you a wonderful week.
    xx Monique #60

  3. I am sure Tim loved it! It is so lovely and I always love the details and care you put into your work. I am smiling and thinking your little I heart tags of 2013 should be a bumper sticker!! Thanks for the visit today! Enjoy the week ahead! Winnie#69

  4. I was trying to see all those tags you have on your wall. You should also post a pic of your wall next time, I would love to see a close up of your work. The tag you posted is stunning. happy crafting #1

  5. Hi Helen,

    Thanks for visiting, and things often fall off the desk but not me so far, I just fall over stash! I am so jealous that you went to a Tim Holtz workshop, they are always so far away from me, maybe one day.....and you met Mario too!
    I looked at the three posts, and your tag is gorgeous!

    Cazzy x

  6. Holy Moly Miss Helen, I am so darn happy you dropped by, it got my butt over here, WOW, OMGOODNESS your art work is OUTSTANDING, I looooooove everything you make, and I have only seen a tiny bit, I have joined your blog so I don't miss another post, I will come back and spend some time watching you create, I've been so inspired with all you've shared, it's been a pleasure to visit here, thanks so much,I'm off to do more snooping ^-^, have a wonderful WOYWW, see you soon..Dianne #74

    1. Thank you so much Dianne - small token of my appreciation is on it's way. I hope you get some use out of it. Have a great week X

  7. Great stuff Helen! Love the colourful tags on the wall too.

  8. Hi Helen, Sorry we didn't meet up too, never mind, just paged through your 3 posts of the day and it is great to see it all form another angle. I'm nabbed the photo of Jayne from PI as she was a real lifesaver for me and the headache on the day. Thanks for the visit BJ#16

  9. Hi Helen, yes it's a pity we didn't meet - I was on the morning workshop but spent some time with Rita, Annie and Alison (and some others) feel free to take the photos from my blog - at least if there is ever another occasion we'd know who to look for!! Don't know whether I'll have the stamina for staying on the phone for so long though - only got through at 3.45 with about 6 places left!! Great transformation of your desk and love your tag BTW!! Chris 105 ps thanks for visiting

  10. Love, love, love your amazing wall of tags and that fabulous tag tote!! What remarkable work, Helen!!

    Wishing you a fabulous WOYWW!

    Lynn #100

  11. How cool is that !!! FABULOUS :-)


    IKE in Greece #67 xxxxx

  12. Anonymous11:28

    awesome tags! so great to see them all together on the wall too :)
    Cheers & thanks for stopping by!
    Jana #58

  13. Love the tags Helen, thanks for swinging by yesterday and for pointing out I missed off the pic of the noticeboard, so that is my post today - here is a link for you Cx

  14. I LOVE the tag you made for Tim, especially the idea of it being 2-sided and having a pocket. Blessings!

  15. The lace and red bling really accentuates your gorgeous tag and I loved seeing your desk in action (messy) and your tags up on the wall. Have a great week! Danie #25

  16. Beautiful tag, back and front!!!! Love that birdie!

  17. Helen, what a fabulous workdesk you have, love all the tags that are in front of you, great colours, love the tags you have shown here too, thank you for the visit, much appreciated, hugs, Avril#60

  18. Wonderful tags x

  19. Clever lovely tag
    Famfa 10

  20. Happy WOYWW! Sorry my reply is so late, Thank you for your visit, i like your tags also! (also i always wondered how people set up their tri-pods for recording thier work space, now i see!)
    -Tera #9

  21. Hi Helen - Very late for 222 WOYWW - just popping by to say thanks for visiting - promise to be a good girl this week LOL... Hugs Mxx #77

  22. Beautiful tag for Tim! Love your workspace.
    Very belated WOYWW #95
    Thanks so much for visiting!! :) :)
    I'm your newest follower.

  23. Anonymous07:58

    Some seriously stunning stuff here. glad I came back (if late) so I could browse ahead! Loving Bloom and Grow! So, so pretty...

    Happy (catching up from last week first) WOYWW!
    Mary Anne (30)


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