Monday 2 September 2013

Pinterest Buttons and A Valuable Lesson Learnt!!!

Hi there - just a quick, but I hope useful post, to my fellow bloggers!  I love Pinterest and have lost many a happy hour exploring a beautiful pin trail!  For anyone that doesn't know what Pinterest is it is an internet pin board.  It is fabulous for collecting gorgeous crafting ideas, inspirational photographs or quotes and a whole host of other things.  The beauty of each pin you make is that when you click on it much later it takes you back to the internet site you found the image.

This is really really useful for tutorials you want to try out, crochet or knitting patterns, recipies, etc.  You may know I am redecorating my son's room and I have been collecting ideas on a mood pin board I set up.  When we made the final choice of wall paper I clicked on the photo of the wall paper and was transported to Amazon ready to make my purchase.  It is so useful.

If you blog then there may be crafters who pop by who want to pin your tutorials or project photos to inspire them or to try out later.  You can make it really easy for them by adding a pin button to the images on your blog you are happy for them to pin.  It was a bit scary to be working with the html code of your blog but I have to say the tutorial I found was very clear and easy to follow so I am sharing the link with you.

This link is for the instructions on how to add a pin button to your images and how to take it off the photos you don't wish to be pinned.  It also shows you how to take the button off photographs you don't want the button on.

This link lets you add a Pinterest widget to your sidebar so people can follow your pin boards if they would like too.  I follow lots of boards of people who like me love Halloween and Christmas decorating.

Now I need to show you that I followed the tutorials and they worked for me so if you scroll down my right hand bar you will find the pin button to take you to my boards which you are welcome to follow and I am adding a photo of my Surprise Package Workshop and if you hover over the photo you will be able to pin it to your boards if you already have them.  Then one day in the future when you want to make this project you will be able to click on the photograph and it will take you back here to my blog where you will be able to click on the link below the photograph and it will take you to my ETSY shop where you can purchase the workshop!  Genius don't you think and I definitely didn't need to be a genius to do it!!!

I am so glad I decided to share this Pinterest knowledge as if I hadn't I wouldn't have learnt a very valuable lesson!!!  I had no idea that ETSY shop items have an expiry date and that you need to renew the items on your virtual shelves!!!!  So I have just renewed this workshop!!!!  I could have ended up with an empty shop :-O.

Here is a video to show you what the Surprise is!  This is a fun project to make and to give.  I hope you like it enough to Pin it and then one day when you need a special card for a special occasion..........

Here is the video of the version I made for my Graphic 45 Audition - I love the oriental style of this version!!!

I hope this post is useful to you if you have been thinking about adding Pinterest to your Blog.  And I certainly hope it proves useful to me and that I can persuade you to pin this project and one day follow the links to my blog or shop to purchase this workshop!!! ;-)

Have a great week and thank you for popping by X

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