Monday 2 September 2013

Oh What Fun We Had - Part 3

A bit of a delay in my final post for more painting and a  day out!  Today I should start putting up the Wall Paper in Callum's room so I thought I would finish off posting the photos of our wonderful day with Mr Holtz before I get all glued up!!  I am keeping my fingers crossed I can get this photo mural up without messing up - no second chances with a photo mural!!!  It should make a massive difference to the room - I will post more about that later.

We had a fab day out yesterday when we dropped Callum off to visit his friend Holly.  We were very close to the place I was born so we decided to visit Catterick - a large military town to see what we could see.  I had my Mum on the phone telling us what she could remember and my Mother in Law was with us recounting what she could remember and it was fun putting it all together.  I think I now have a photo of the second house I ever lived in and where my little brother was born.  The huge coincidence is that a couple of years later my husband's family lived in exactly the same street!  We snapped a photo of my husbands first ever school too.  Eventually our families were posted to Cyprus at the same time many years later when we where 18 and 19 and that is where we met and fell in love.

The hospital where I was born sadly no longer exists but we did find the ruin of a very old bungalow that we think might have been my first home - both Mum's tell of a house with no electricity an only a range to cook upon - hard to imagine today!  I am going to see what my Mum thinks when she sees the photo.  Even though I have no recollection of my birthplace whatsoever as I left as a toddler it was fun to explore!

So back to my Tim Holtz Workshop Serial!!!  Now where was I???...  Here is a photo taken at the end of the class when suddenly Christmas arrived!  Yes we got presents too!  In this photo you can see Emma talking to Jane from Personal Impressions who was the event organiser.  She did a fantastic job and made a lot of crafters very happy bunnies indeed so a great big hug to Jane.

You can see our table looks tidy again as we packed away all our lovely inky goodies and our projects in our newly gifted idea-logy bags - see below ;-)

Here am I posing with Mario.  I think I need to shrink the strap of my bag or I will be falling over it!!!  Mario and Tim must have had cheek ache after all the photos they posed for!  I am sure as you see all our photos arriving on blogs everywhere that our smiles show what a lovely time we all had.

So another huge thank you to Tim and Mario for coming to visit us and for sharing some fabulous crafting in the real world.  It was a wonderful treat and I am looking forward to completing my tag book and filling it with photos of a great workshop and day out.

What treasures!!!!!  Look at those cute little stamps and the first of my collection of layering stencils!!!

Here is my tag book so far.  It is now time for me to have fun finishing it off.  I love that ruler binding and the measuring tape book wrap.  I am going to put all these photos in it so I have a great memento of our day and all the fun we had together.

Here is a photo of me and Deb two very happy crafters indeed!  So all that is left for me to say is wherever you are in the world if you, like me, love the inspiration, techniques and products Tim Holtz shares with us in the virtual world of crafting and he is in your neighbourhood giving a workshop do not hesitate to get on that phone to book your seat!  Deb and I loved meeting so many wonderful people who loved to create just like us.   It was a heartwarming experience as well as a wonderfully creative one.

So a massive thank you to Tim for sharing his creativity, to Jane of Personal Impressions for organising such a wonderful day and of course to all the people who worked so hard to make our day such fun including of course Mario - I will treasure my little wish bone charm!

Oh what fun we had!

Thank you for popping by x

PS I will post photos of my tag book as soon as it it finished.


  1. Good Morning Helen & Debs. I'm still swinging from the stars as far as the TH convention goes and looking forward to next year as they are trying to put it on again. While I was away my DH took a nasty tumble downstairs and his face and ear is in a awful state. However 'Onwards and Upwards' as the saying goes. Hugs Rita xxxx

    1. Morning Rita! I am sorry to hear about your hubby I hope he feels better soon. Lots of TLC will help I am sure.

      It was fab meeting you and Annie and I hope we all get to do it again soon too! We have a crop weekend after next so we will be recounting our adventures to our pals and will be wearing our new aprons!!!! That will give them a giggle for sure ;-)

      Hugs Helen xx

  2. Oh wow Helen, what FABulous goodies you got! Those bits are not 'cheap' either! Is one of those wee stamps a carousel?! Excelent!
    You look just as I've imagined you, with such a lovely smile. I'm loving your own red bag too ;) That Compendium of Curiosities seems like a handy book to have - I saaw one in a shop and that tag book is incredible! Thanks for sharing your adventure Helen :0) xx

    1. Hi Mo - Yes there is a teeny tiny carousel! I even got a little bee which I love!! The red bag was a pressie from my hubby. It is well used! I am not the fan of a big bag but I stuff this one fit to bust!!! When I booked the workshop it was a treat and I was a bit worried about spending all that money but it was such a fab treat and with all the lovely goodies at the end it was worth it! I'll have to start saving for the next visit ;-) Hugs Helen x

  3. AWESOME photos! I know you had the best time! Glad you got to do some exploring too!!!

    1. Thanks Anita - I am still smiling along with a few other crafters I know!!!! x

  4. Oh what a wonderful time it looked like you had and your tag book is absolutely amazing.
    I love your choice of first stencil and those bitty stamps are just wonderful. Thanks for sharing it all with us feels a little like I was there with you..
    Sandy :)

    1. Glad to share the love Sandy. It was a fab day. So many lovely people all wrapped up in a big crafting bow!!! x

  5. Good to see someone else who went to the workshops,I attended the afternoon one. Your smile shows how happy you are and wow we were spoilt with the goodies :-)
    Happy WOYWW
    Kay #41

    1. It was a wonderful experience. I loved meeting everyone and the pressies at the end just topped it all off! x

  6. Enjoyed the final segment Helen! The pictures say it all, such fun and happiness in that room! Your books is fab, so I know those pics will be great inside. Such generosity there to, hope you enjoy your goodies!! I love those mini stamps and have been using them lately. I tell you, when I saw Tim going to Tuscany I ran to the computer and alas, sold out. That would have been a dream vacation. I hope someday I can book a class with him and meet smiley Mario too! Thanks for sharing!!


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