Thursday 5 September 2013

Callum's Room Update

On Tuesday I managed with help from hubby to put up a photo mural - you can see the theme taking shape now!!!  What is nice about this mural is that we stayed in a hotel just off Times Square when we visited New York.  Happy memories!

We should hear we can go and pick up Cal's carpet today or tomorrow - We have gone for a Black and grey stripe.  Most of the small bits are out of the room in preparation but Callum and his Dad are the muscles that need to shift most of the big pieces of furniture out so the carpet layer can do his thing!  It is all starting to take shape and I am glad the painting is done!!!  I have painted this room 5 times in total!!!!

I am going to have a bit of a play in my Art Journal today and I may fit in a spot of afternoon sunshine! Callum is back at school today and I have to say getting up early wasn't as bad as I anticipated ;-)

Here is the link for the August tag video that I posted a couple of days ago.  A video showing how I got from Tim Holtz's inspiration to my interpretation.

Have a fab day and thank you for popping by X


  1. Wow, that room is looking fabulous Helen. Perfect for a young man I think.
    It's funny how quickly we can slide from the routine of rising early on school days to lazy holiday days and back again. Although I do admit to a bit of a groan some morinings, haha. PArticularly when it's darker I must say. Looking forward to getting time to view your latest tag video very soon. :0) x

    1. I am feeling ok after my two days of early mornings!!! You are right though it gets harder on grey cold days. Have a great weekend Mo x

  2. I live in NYC and work in Manhattan, and I cannot wait to see his room all finished, as i looks amazing from what you are showing so far!! I am so excited for him!!

    1. We loved New York when we visited. I think it is why Callum chose to decorate his room this way - the carpet has arrived so we hope to get that laid soon. Then it is over to all the fun bits and pieces to finish it off. Callum has an Ikea canvas covered couch that we are planning to draw cartoon type words all over. We are going to try using Distress Paint as Tim said it was colour fast on fabric!!! I have just ordered the colours I need - any excuse to widen my collection. Mmm I could just eat an American Breakfast - Pancakes, Bacon, eggs and Maple Syrup!!!! Have a great weekend Winnie Hugs Helen x


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