Friday 26 October 2012

Spooky Iphone Cover

This is just a quick idea I thought you might like to see.  This would work with any kind of see through gel phone cover, I happen to have an iPhone.  It may work with a hard cover but I couldn't promise.  You are adding a layer of paper to a product designed to fit and I am not sure how much tolerance a hard cover would have - it is worth a try though as the effect is spookylicious!

I had my favourite Graphic 45 paper already in my phone cover so I thought I would like to go spooky this week.  Trace around your phone cover to get the original shape including the hole for the camera.  You need to make sure that you do not obscure the camera in anyway.  Other makes of phone may have other issues like this to look out for.  After you cut out the basic shape you will needed to trim to fit because you have used the outside of your phone cover as a template and you want it to fit snugly on the inside.  Take a bit of time and slowly take a thin strip from around the shape until you get it right.  Once you have got it right then this will act as a template for any other covers you want to make in the future.  Seasonal ideas, wardrobe matching or just a paper you many possibilities!

My papers and bits and pieces are all from My Minds Eye - Lost and Found Halloween collection with the addition of two tiny strips of haunted house ribbon.  Remember keep your layering to a minimum as you don't want to add too much bulk.  Hold everything in place with a touch of glue (allow to dry) or double sided tape.

Have fun with your stash - it takes so very little!

Pop it inside the phone cover and put the unique designer cover on your phone for an instant make over - this took me about 10 minutes so spookily fast, spookily easy and spookylicious!  If you make one send me a link so I can take a peek!

Took me a while to work out how to get a photo of the phone I take all my photos with!

Happy Halloween!


  1. Oh wow what a brilliant idea! I really wish I had a see-through cover now! I hope other people do this and link here :0)

  2. a mirror perhaps?

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