Wednesday 10 October 2012


Summer has truly gone and it is still dark outside!  It is always so much harder to get up when it is cold and dark outside.  Still here I am in pink fluffy socks and dressing gown looking very much like a marshmallow about to give a guided tour of my desk!

All is tidy on this desk - the tidy up elves must have visited last night!  Front left is a little shopping from yesterday.  A nice pile of Halloween ribbons, black alcohol ink to try Tim Holtz colour your own glitter technique and some new blades, a treat for my hardworking paper trimmer.

On the right is the set of stamps I will be using at my class on Friday.  Moving up to photo frames still without photos and my guillotine which had steam coming off it yesterday - how calm it looks now!

At the top of the shot are some gift tags awaiting some inspiration this morning.  All the cards I am teaching this week have a gift tag with them using up the waste card - great idea for this time of year.

On my other desk - no filming going on this week just cards and tags waiting to be parcelled up for Friday.  As you can see I have made lots of samples again so my pile of cards to send for Christmas is growing!  I have decided to make a video of the purple card at the back to give myself some more practice at filming and I hope to get my first ever template online and ready to sell next week.  I am getting quite nervous about it now and I do have a tendency to stall a bit then.  I am saying next week but next WOYWW I will tell if I do!

Keeping it short as I have to go shout - 'Get out of the shower now please!'  How polite is that?  Self preservation dictates it or I will be having a cold shower this morning!!

Welcome to all my visitors - so nice to see you again.  I will get dressed and be over to see what marvels you have on your desks for me to rummage through.  I do love Wednesdays - if you want to know why then follow this link!

Have loads of fun at the crop this weekend everyone.  I really wish I could make it but I was already booked as the crop I go to is running a weekend of scrapbooking and Cricut lessons from the lovely Mel (Create and Craft).  I am hoping you all want to do it again so I can come along too and meet you all in person - how excited you must all be.  I'll be there in spirit and look forward to seeing some photos!!!!


  1. I was already booked this weekend too. Shame, but we can cry together at missing the BIG Crop.
    Lovely things on your desk and those ribbons look real yummy.
    Enjoy your workshop with those lovely cards.
    Hugs, Neet 29 xx

  2. Helen,

    I think your cards are beautiful, especially love the one with acetate on the front I have always been partial to the stuff and turn to it each year.

    Happy WOYWW and thanks for vititing me.

  3. Looks like a hive of industry, some great makes trace x

  4. Those stamps are gorgeous and the cards beautiful - you have been busy! XX

  5. Hi Helen,
    First of all can I say sorry for not returning your visit to my blog last week, it was just one of those weeks.
    Your desk is looking great this week and I love those stamps and the cards you’ve made with them.

    Happy Crafting!

  6. Goodies and beautiful finished work! What a treat for the eyes! Happy Wednesday! #42

  7. I LOVE those dark purply Christmas cards - would definitely buy those beauties in a shop. Yum yum, scrumble bum - as we used to say when something was completely lush!!! And the black and white tags are fab too AND you're using your :D
    Hugs, LLJ #53 xx

  8. Awww, shame you won't be there! And also a shame you can't eat cake - it is wheat intolerance or something else? The delightful concoction on my desk isn't actually a cake - it's fridge tiffin. Ingredients are butter, plain chocolate, condensed milk, digestive biscuits, dried fruit (in this case, sultanas and cranberrieds) and nuts. If you're wheat intolerant, you can easily swap out the digestives for wheat free ones - I've done that before... Melt the whole lot in a pan and mix, spread into a lined baking tray, and then chill to set once cold. Voila. The easiest yet most sinful sweet I know....

    Gorgeous cards on your desk this week, and I'm loving the skull and crossbone ribbon!

    Thanks for stopping by...

  9. Your cards all look delightful! And lovin' the new stash of black and orange ribbons. I'm trying hard to use what I have in my halloween stash and not buy new supplies until after and they are on sale! Have a great weekend, sounds like so much fun. Hugs, Sandi #37

  10. enjoy using your new goodies,your cards are fab and thanks for visiting me
    have a great woyww
    kay #48

  11. Beautiful cards Helen - I wish I could be so organised for Christmas!
    Bernice #5

  12. Lovely goodies ready to be played with... and the cards are looking just lovely! Hope you have a great weekend of scrapping! Happy WOYWW!
    Alison x

  13. Hi Helen cheers for popping over to my blog earlier today. your desk looks so tidy but you have certainly been busy. Love the cards and tags.

    Happy WOYWW

    Annie your newest follower x

  14. Hi Helen
    great desk you have there and your cards are fab.
    We will try and have a good time on Sat :)
    janet #49

  15. Great looking pile of new ribbons and I love that stamp set. I am interested in seeing the purple card tutorial. Very nice. I wish that I could be at the crop too but it was a minimum of $2000 and I just can't afford that right now. Have a great week. Vickie #41

  16. Your holiday cards look amazing! I have to hop on the band wagon and get some cut up!Tamika #14

  17. Whoa! Your guillotine cutter has blue bits on it! I've only see them in orange and have to confess I like the blu better. Of course it isn't the color of it that matters, it is how it cuts! I need to get more slide cutters like you have. Somehow it always slips my mind once I get to the craft store. That's a nice stash of cards you have there. One of these I'll start Christmas cards.... maybe December 24.

  18. Great cards you have made. Seems everyone is making something for a craft show or crop. The colors and love the Christmas balls.

  19. Sorry I am a bit late visiting, fabulous creative space and beautiful makes.
    Cathy #37

  20. OK sorry Helen from now on I will put my blog name with my number I think I've confused people enough. Tamika is my real name and Jojojorene is my blogs name...hope that is a pain reliever for your spinning head!8-)

  21. Thanks for stopping by earlier !
    Thanks too for liking my seedhead background - it was a journal page I did as part of a "Be The Seed" on line project.
    Really like your cards ! Thanks for sharing ! Ali #47

  22. That's a lovely lot of Christmas cards you have there! Very organised! That black lace tape you saw on my desk is by Cristina Re. It's gorgeous, isn't it?
    Happy WOYWW and thanks for visiting!

  23. Love the colour of the cards,pleased to hear Im not the only one making them.
    I dont envy you the cold dark mornings, we have the dark but not the cold, yet,

    Jan S 111

  24. I think the tidy elves would get lost on my desk lol. The cards are stunning, I especially love the black and white one :)


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