Sunday 15 July 2012

Tag Tuesday - Swimming (a little late!)

I have been a bit busy this week as I taught all day Friday and have been manically preparing all week (which is a little odd as we were Zentangling) but I did not want to miss a week as I am loving the seaside themes.  So here is my beach hut tag.

I decided to make a beach hut as they are tag shaped!.....and I love to see them all lined up in a row.  Particularly if they have pretty pastel colour schemes.  Its strange really as they are just garden sheds on the beach but some how they have the cute factor and I like them for it!

My tag is covered in strips of wood (card) which I weathered with white paint (not too much as I wanted my hut to be shabby chic!!) A border punch made pretty ...I think they are called eaves, but they could be facias!  A Tim Hitch Fastener makes a perfect door knob and I found a cute little key and seahorse charm in my stash.  I printed out the lifesaver ring and the very girly surfboard and coated them with glossy accents.  I added a small shell and some water bubble beads and I had the perfect button to make a resting place for a paper seagull just dropping in to see what is going on in the beach hut.  Anyone of a nervous disposition scroll no further as I am about to open the door to my beach hut to see what the seagull saw!

Ha ha.....just had to include the good old british saucy postcard.  My beach belle is a few pounds slimmer as I had to squish her a bit to make her fit into my beach hut (if only it were that easy!!)  A cute towel made from a bit of ribbon and my beach hut was finished.  I am off to see what goodies have been posted this week!

I used an old Heidi Grace Paper for my photo background and it was just perfect - the clouds are fluffy to the touch (I am not sure that it shows in the photo).

Thank you so much for all the lovely comments last week - You lot have got a sweet tooth I think!  If you are wondering why I make these tags each week follow this link and prepare to be amazed.


  1. really super gorgeous ... love your beach belle ... can I have a copy of her squish diet please ;o)

  2. Haha, me too Carolyn!
    Love all the elements of this Helen, the hut is awesome, the embellishments are great but the belle is b-e-a-utiful! She is just so happy and confident in her own skin :0)

  3. This has to be my favourite this week, love it!
    Pat x


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