Monday 23 July 2012

Filling the Pool

It's sunny outside and I really should be gardening as I have a water feature with a real pool waiting to be finished off now the weather is finally nice (touch wood!)  But you know how it is I just had to get to the fun part of filling my rock pool to finally see if this is going to work.

I realised I had to take all my creatures and sand off my tag so I could cut my tag out!  That done I had a bit of touching up to do at the edges of my rocks with more brown paint and I also inked the edges of my sky with Faded Jeans.

I decided to try baking my Fimo pool life with my heat gun and it worked perfectly once I managed to pin them down with my pokey tool!  The first blast of hot air sent mussels and sea urchins flying all over the place!  One of those....'That was obviously going to happen' moments!

Next I put a layer of glossy accents on the bottom of my pool and sprinkled the sand back in place and my now baked pool creatures.  I added a few paint highlights and textures and glued on some shells and starfish onto my rocks. Oh and I dropped in a few of those micro glass beads that seem to work so well were there is water.

Once I was happy with my composition I filled my rock pool with glossy accents and rubbed some of it on to the rocks as I think they would be a bit wet because the tide has only just gone out revealing my rock pool with all its treasures!

This seems like a good place to stop so the 'Final Reveal' is tomorrow.  Also I can't do anything until my Glossy Accents dries.  So far so good - so now it is just a case of keeping my fingers crossed that it dries completely clear so we can see all the little creatures.

Looking at this photo I think I need something else but I am not sure what.  Definitely ribbon and words and something.  I will PONDER that out in the sunshine!!!!  Couldn't resist that one :-D

See you tomorrow x  Have fun in the sun if you have some!!


  1. wow a lot of effort but totally worth it, have loved watching your rock pool take shape trace x

  2. Hello!

    A very creative project! I love all of the different ways that you created this waterscape! Well done! Wishing you a happy day!


    Barbara Diane

  3. I missed yesterday's post somehow, and now you are all but finished this incredibly clever piece of art! Very impressive Helen! The wee sea creatures are very cute and lovely colours too! :0)

  4. This tag has everything Helen-just love the work you have put into it and thank you for taking us on the 'journey' to see how you made it.

    Love Chrissie xx


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