Sunday 29 April 2012

Video Case Stamp Storage Tutorial

Finally I get this tutorial finished!  I know that some of my friends will be interested in this one as they saw my first video case when I made it.

The one in the centre is the one I made for the tutorial.  More lovely Graphic 45 papers.  I glossed the cherries (top right) and you can see they were not dry when I took this photo!!

The red one on the right of this photo was my first design and then I made the Christmas one on the left.  They are quite addictive once you have made one as they are easy, very useful and pretty too!  Imagine them made in the papers you love.

Here they all are side on.  I have fixed the flower that has slipped on the spine of the one that was hot off the press!!  If you want to try this for yourself follow this link or click on the tutorial listed on the sidebar on the left.  Have fun making them your style!

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  1. Really lovely work ... let me know if you make any tags for Tag Tuesday and I'll post them to the blog for you

    Best wishes, Carolyn


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