Wednesday 25 April 2012


Hello to all my WOYWW friends.  I am wayyyyy down the list today I see.  For anyone not in the fabulous WOYWW club then follow this link to find out more.  You're gonna love it!

So here is what is on my desk today!  At the very top of the picture is a layout that is waiting for inspiration to send me a title and some journalling.  And at the bottom is some of the bits and pieces from the drawer I showed you last week and I have to confess the card I made in order to rise to my own challenge set last week was made this morning!!!  Oh......and the biscuit is now only a wrapper.....I recommend this new honeycomb flavour Club, yummy!

I didn't get any further with my challenge than this though I did put a couple of bits from the drawer into a bag ready to go to my friend Wendy for her craft group.

Here is the card that used up a couple of the mini playing cards I had in the drawer.  I think I have to practice a bit more with the Cosmic Shimmer Black Pearl stuff as my pearls are not very uniform in shape.  My first blob is the biggest one - as you can see!  Now I have to put it somewhere safe until they dry as I almost couldn't eat my biscuit as I laid it in a blob of the stuff I had made clearing the nozzle!  Good job the wrapper was still on!  Maybe I will get a bit more time today to make a few more playing card designs as I quite like this one.  Could suit that most difficult of card customer - Men....possibly cool enough for a teenage boy even!  What do you think?

I was going to crop this photo of my layout and then I spotted my tripod.....I mean pink fluffy feet!  Do they detract or add to this layout I wonder.  That's it from me this week.   I am off to get a coffee and then I will be back to travel the world catching up with my WOYWW pals.  Oh, and if my sister-in-law passes by this way HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!


  1. Haven't had a club for ages and honeycomb sounds yummy!! Have a great week hugs trace x 97ish

  2. Beautiful projects and I am so jealous of the wonderful, long work space!

    Happy WOYWW!
    Nadia 117

  3. Gorgeous projects on a fabby, creative desk :)

    Have a great WOYWW and a fab week, Luv Karen xx #75

  4. Super desk Helen. Now I need to go and buy some of those yummy biscuits. Your journal looks good too. Hugs from Scotland. Rita 67 xx

  5. I like it WITH the pink fluffy feet!!

    Well, you know, that's part of why woyww is so much fun.

    And you are so right, Helen, my work spot keeps getting smaller, but it will grow again, and shrink, and repeat!


  6. Fabulous desk... love that card hmmmmmm biscuits... Hugs May x x x No10

  7. Fab workspace
    love your pages and Ace card !
    thanks for passing by
    have a great week x

  8. my finger is too fast for my head..or something.... I hate this wireless mouse... third try.... ahem..... the pink fluffy tripod adds a certain .... something to the picture..absolutely...

  9. Happy Wednesday!
    What a busy busy desk.... the pink socks!

  10. Well, as the mother of a poker/cribbage/any card game playing 19 year old lad, I can assure you that the Ace card would be most acceptable!! It's funky and masculine, love it!!
    Hugs, LLJ #33 xx
    PS Cute pink tootsies :D

  11. love the big desk you have! i like the layout you're making with the flower cutouts. and the tripod, LOL! happy WOYWW!

  12. Oh those pink sock, just topped the lot and the most fashionable post this week. LOL Thanks for giving me a giggle.

    Eliza #26

  13. Must look out for that club flavour sounds yum. Fab pink feet too! Take care, am still working my way through the list, doing so in stints and making sure I have snacks to munch! Zo xx 77

  14. Nah - keep the feet in, have got mine sticking up in my WOYWW picture too ;) Shows the lengths we go to to get that piccy :P

    Honeycomb Club sounds nommy!

    Carmen #105

  15. What a fab long workspace - just realised I could have one like this if I didn't have so much darned stuff on top of it.
    Lovely projects on the go and finished (your blobs look fine to me) - sorry I am so late - you will see why in my next WOYWW posting. Thanks for visiting and for sharing. Hugs, Neet #3 xx
    ps last call for my blog candy - closes tomorrow

  16. That photo of your tri pod could inspire a whole new LO.
    Happy very belated WOYWW


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