Wednesday 4 April 2012


Trying desperately to finish off my tags for Laura Dennison's tag swap.  I'm on the second batch now.  I kept to the same layout as my French Country version but now I am in Shabby Chic mode!  I think I should get a new cutting mat as this one definitely pre dates the invention of the wipe clean messy mat I have on my desk below!!  Each blemish is a record of a crafty creation so maybe I'll keep it after all!

My other job on the desk today is sorting out my printer drawers.  I love sorting my crafting stuff!  Strange I know.  I bought the drawers a few years ago now and I really wish I had bought more.  I bought them from an auction (the only one I have ever been to) and I thought I had bought 10 sets of drawers complete with letters for £40.  Turns out I bought one with the option to buy the others (£400 I definitely wasn't planning on spending)!  As you can see they are perfect for storing little bits and pieces.  I am sorting things into colour groups again as they have gradually gotten more and more mixed up over time.

 All tidy again.  I thought you might like to see what is in the bottom drawer......

I kept a selection of the letters that were originally in the drawers that were the larger fonts.  I can actually print with them.  They are very heavy.  I wrote all the letters on when I sorted them out but the circle stickers on the trays are original to whoever set the printing press long long ago.

Thanks for popping by for a visit.  I am off to post this on Julia's Blog if you want to follow me there to find out what this WOYWW is all about.  Then I will follow the links I find there to pop in on your desks wherever you are.  Happy WOYWW to all.


  1. Hi Helen
    The Doodly Birds say thanks for popping over to see them, they love gutting visitors.
    I am mega impressed with your printer drawers and so envious. That is just the sort of thing I would buy. Lucky you.
    Have a lovely Easter
    Lynn #14

  2. Love those drawers and letters!! Your tags look great - I love the black/white base. Helen 18

  3. Your tags look fab!! love those drawers and letters, they are so useful!! Happy Easter, Hugs May x x x

  4. I am drooling over those drawers! Perfect for all those bits and pieces..
    Suzanne 100

  5. Loving your tags and thosde draws are just ideal.Have fab wedensday and creative week ahead.Happy Easter hugs Judex16

  6. I would be very proud to own a cutting mat with showing that it has had such a creative life.
    Those drawers are brilliant...I bet it's very theraputic sorting them.
    Thanks for letting me take a peek.
    Have a wonderful Easter weekend...Enjoy :D

  7. My goodness - I love those printer darwers!!

    Thanks for sharing.

    Miriam #107

  8. Love those drawers, Fab! Take care, & enjoy peeking at the WOYWW desks this week. Zo xx 78

  9. loving those printer drawers, i want them lol - am following you as well, - thanks for the snoop

    Judie xx NO 121

    1. Hi Judie thanks for popping by and for following me - I love getting new folk, I get so excited! - I hope you like my blog as I write about my crafting journey towards my goal of starting my own crafting business. Wish me luck! Hugs Helen

  10. Nice that you've saved a set of letters - I have a set too, but not in a must have been sooooo time consuming being the 'setter'!
    The tags are looking gorgeous, keep going!

  11. Helen, your tags are so pretty, and your printer drawers are fabulous! I'd like to have a look through all of them!

    Happy Easter to you,

  12. love those drawers of yours, very tidy
    Bridget #84

  13. Your tags look awesome, and my mat is a mess too. Guess that's a hazard of the job. Your printer trays are so cool! Love the original letters!!

    The washi tape is like paper tape. I'm not sure what tissue tape is, but I'm guessing it's probably the same thing :)

  14. I love your printer drawers and how you have them color coded with all the lovely bits inside. And NO WAY! I don't think you are crazy for loving to sort and organize your crafting stuff. I think that is half the fun of crafting. When I do it, hubby and I call it puttering. I haven't puttered in a long time. Maybe that might explain my frame of mind (blah). Thanks for sharing your tags. Now get back to work on them!!

  15. So jealous of the drawers! Whoops that didn't sound quite right! *giggles* What a find! Love all the bits. I congratulate you on taking time to color code. Mine have gotten far too used to hobnobbing with others and we have one big colorful party going on! Have a Happy Easter and WOYWW! Warmly, Tracy #28

  16. Love those printer trays. I enjoy sorting out my craft stuff too. Spent many happy afternoons colour coding my button jars...glad I'm not the only one x
    Sophie no.71

  17. great looking desk and the tags are coming around nicely. Love the printer drawers. Hind sight is always so clear isn't it. I love auctions. ave a great Easter. Vickie #60

  18. I'm very late this week, usually try to get around more desks on the Wednesday but having a 15 year old staying certainly limits my computer time.
    I love the drawers and how you have painted them, and £40 seems a good price - I bought one at a craft fair last year and paid £10 for it. It's still sitting there waiting for inspiration.
    Ann B

  19. Awww too bad you didn't actually get the whole set of drawers as you thought...what a disappointment it must have been....they are really nice.

  20. What a wonderful find those drawers are! They're perfect for organizing your letters! Patsy from


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