Tuesday 7 February 2012

A Lesson Learnt

I was reading one of the Blogs I follow and I noticed a link to a free background.  I clicked the link and found it directed me to a wealth of information for the novice Blogger.

Over my next couple of Blogs I will try to put some of what I have learnt to practical use.  I have already learnt how to publish a post but I have yet to insert an image on my Blog and I would also like to know how to create a link to somewhere........ to somewhere interesting I hope!

Links First.......

The Blog I was reading was The Paper Trail  written by Laura, an extremely accomplished paper engineer.  She does some amazing work if you haven't visited her Blog yet I hope my link will take you there!!!

....And taking the advice of Sharon who writes the Plumrose Lane Blog I will add a second link and reinforce my learning.  Very important as I get older I find.  Thank you to Sharon for sharing her knowledge it was just what I needed at just the right time.

Now for the Photo.......

It is not the uploading of a photo that is going to be the problem, I think it is choosing the photo that may take some time.  Should it be a photo of me?  Should it be a photo of my work?  Or should I play it safe and upload a photo of the newest member of our family?.......  I opted to go for the Cute Factor........

Comet's first day with us...What a cutie!
Exploring my new Garden


I know that these images should be resized but that is another lesson for another day..........

Thank you Sharon at Plumrose Lane.....


  1. Comet is just adorable! Did he happen to chow down on some stamps as my Stamp Eater did one year ago? They can drive you crazy but I love mine to pieces!

    1. He would have if he could have Sheree. He seems to have grown out of it now! He is huge so stamps are obviously very nutritious! I agree with you just gotta love them even when they are dragging you around the park in the freezing cold ;-)


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