Thursday 23 February 2012

Trying Again to Blog Regularly!....

I have been busy but I really do need to make time to Blog.  I am going to set myself a reminder on my calendar to see if that will help.  So what have I been up to?

We had a half term break so we went away for a couple of days.  Check out the beautiful sunset we watched from our hotel room.  In fact the view from our room was so amazing it was difficult to believe we hadn't even travelled abroad!

At the end of the day
Look how calm the sea was
I have also been to my very first Trade Show.  It was exciting to see all the new products that we can expect to be playing with in the coming months.  It was very strange bumping into people I felt I knew!!  The power of television.  I had a lovely chat with Leonie Pujol as she demonstrated for Crafty Notions.  It was great to see her infectious enthusiasm and I am really looking forward to getting my own hands on some of the lovely products she was using.......and getting equally as messy!

I also attended a couple of very interesting seminars focussing on starting a new craft based business.  It gave me food for thought and a renewed impetus to get things done.

Note to Self:  Must find out if there is any protocol about adding links to my blog.  Do I need permission I wonder?

Off to start designing for my next set of card classes.  I will be getting inky this month I think!  Bye for now........

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