Tuesday 28 February 2012

Finishing Stuff......

I have a habit of starting projects and then getting side tracked and I end up with a list of things I really should finish off.  I know you know what I am talking about!

Yesterday I took the time to finish one of those projects I started last year.  I ran an all day workshop where we made two canvases using the Tim Holtz Tattered Florals die (which I love and have used and used) to make two of my favourite flowers.  I am very partial to blue flowers and had for sometime wanted to make a realistic paper iris.  That was the starting point for this project and I hope you like the end product.

Sorry about my shadow!
I always intended to make two more canvases as I wanted to hang them in my lounge.  The nails have been there for many months and finally they have two canvases to hang on them!  More flowers I made using the tattered florals die as a starting point.

No more empty nails!
Today I am going to tell my friends that I have started this blog so if they are reading this.....Hello.  I am nervous now!  Better make sure all my spelling is up to scratch.   If you come to my classes you will recognise these canvases and will have made some of the flowers yourself.

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Thank you, Helen


  1. These are lovely - would love to see a picture of them all on your wall. Good luck with the blog - you are very brave and clever !
    Helen B

    1. Thanks Helen. I will take a photo for you. Thanks for commenting. Just learning how to publish a reply! Had two false starts when I deleted instead of published.....everyday something new to know. I've just spotted that I have 5 followers too! I'll soon catch up with Laura (I can dream!!)

  2. loving the flowers and hangings , lovely vivid colours . hope the blog is all you want it to be , just keep it up to date and add to it often and it will get lots of followers i'm sure .There is nothing worse than a blog thats not kept up to date . xx good luck with it

    1. Thanks Kim. You are right I do need to get into the habit of blogging regularly. I hope I have enough interesting things to say to keep people reading! It's all very exciting. Thanks for joining my blog. Feel free to pass on my link to anyone you know that might be interested.


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