Friday 17 October 2014

I've been Nominated!!!

Hi Everyone

Just popping in to share some exciting news.  Lisa, one of my lovely subscribers has nominated me in four categories for this year's Crafty Academy Awards hosted by the lovely Betty, a fellow You Tuber.

I was thrilled and delighted as I do work hard to make the kind of videos that I hope inspire you all to get creative and I particularly try really hard to make my videos watchable and to give you all the information you need to create your own projects or to introduce you to new techniques you might not have tried before or indeed dust of an old technique or two!

You may not have heard of the Crafty Academy Awards (I hadn't!) as this is only the second year they have been held. If you want to watch a couple of information videos on what the categories are and who else is nominated that you might like to vote for here is the link to the Hostess, Betty's information video to get you started.

There are a couple of videos on her channel letting you know who the sponsors are and of course what the categories are and who has been nominated.  You will find my name, Helen Allen, under:

The Best Steampunk
The Best Cards
The Best Mixed Media
The Best Tutorials

I would of course love it if you like my work enough to vote for me!!!!  Here is how to do it:

Click on this link and email Betty to let her know which categories you are voting for and of course who you are voting for!

Betty also accepts votes through private messages on her Facebook and You Tube accounts which she explains in her videos but I thought the email was the easiest hence the link here on my blog!

Time for a little trip down memory lane whilst I recap on the categories I have been nominated for!  I have been nominated in The Best Steampunk Category.  I have to confess I was a little surprised by this nomination and then I looked through my tutorials and found these projects:

Do you remember this tag video where I showed you how to use packaging to capture time bugs and butterflies???

Then there was this video for a tag with flying steampunk clocks and a fab embossed metal technique.

Maybe I have dabbled in the Steampunk style more than I realised ;-) !!!

The next category you can vote for me in is The Best Cards.  I had quite a few tutorials to pick from for this category.  My card tutorials have expanded a lot since I was lucky enough to join the Rubber Dance design team!

I remember being excited to share this slider card tutorial with you as it was a new card fold to me too!

Then it wasn't long before I tried to make a double slider card and of course I had to share it with you too.  This was a very involved tutorial with lots of details and of course that lovely Graphic 45 paper!!

This video tutorial was my first one a part of the Rubber Dance Design team.  I had great fun showing you that splattered background.  My cream wall still bares the scars ;-)

I do like to show you different techniques and this tutorial was a master class in masking!

The next category I am nominated in is one of my very favourite things to do and that is The Best Mixed Media category.  I started out with my Art Journal Page videos.

At the beginning of the year I shared this page and it has been my most watched video to date!  I loved how the video came together and it made this one a fun one to watch for anyone….even a non crafter.  Over 7700 views at the last count!  I did love making this page so I am thrilled it was a hit!

What about this for a mixed media extravaganza!!!  I love this as it reminds me of happy times playing with my dolls house!  The video was full of hints and tips from decorating the tree with beads and sequins to creating this fabulous frosty finish that was perfect for this lovely Christmas home decor piece.

This is one of my more recent Mixed Media videos and I really tried to aim this tutorial at encouraging newbies!  I tried to break down everything into simple processes so that they were easy to achieve and of course to limit what I used in the way of craft supplies so you didn't need to take out a bank loan in order to try this canvas for yourself!

My latest Mixed Media tutorials are all about taking an old book and doing interesting things with it to enable you to document the things that are important to you…..or in this case me!!!

Phew!!!! Actually looking back at my work like this and I can't believe how many tutorials I have actually shared on You Tube!  There are over 150 including those that make up the workshops I sell in my ETSY shop.  So finally and probably the one I am happiest about being nominated for:

The Best Tutorials!!!!

That is it from me except to say voting closes on October 31st so I hope you can spare a minute to email Betty and vote as it is a great way to show your support of all of the crafting You Tubers out there making tutorials to share the creativity here in our virtual crafting world!!!  I for one am grateful for all your support in subscribing to my channel and for all the lovely comments that spur me on to share more tutorials!  I have made lots of lovely crafting friends since I started blogging and then you tubing and love sharing my virtual classroom with you all.

Oh and a big hug and a kiss to Lisa for nominating me it really means a lot to me no matter the outcome of the vote.

Wishing you all a craft filled weekend and thank you for popping by X


  1. Congratulations with the nomination, Helen! That's great news and you absolutely deserve it. I have cast my vote. Good luck!!

    1. Thanks Bibi. At least I have a couple of votes ;-) x

  2. Came by today to thank you for your lovely comment (and a crackle tip) on my blog. Learned about the Crafty Academy awards and watched your latest video, so I have to cast my vote by way of encouragement; for me a video is so much better to understand a technique! Congratulations and good luck!

    1. Thank you so much! I am so happy you liked my video and voted! I have posted another video today so your encouragement worked!!! x

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