Thursday 23 October 2014

Exciting News!

….Coming to an ETSY shop near you very soon!

My first ever chipboard kit!

Soooooo excited!  A big thank you to Margaret of Scrapbook Magic for putting me on to Di at Tando and a big thank you to Di for getting all the chipboard ready!

I had great fun designing the toppers and kitting this up so now I just need to work out prices and different rates of postage and my first ever kit will be on sale alongside my online workshop which shows you how to make this……..

or this…….

which opens up to reveal this!!!!

The first kits will be used by my class on Wednesday down there in the lovely Cornwall at Scrapbook Magic….it is a shame they have to open the packs as they look so cute!!!!  Tee Hee.  There are still a couple of places left so if you are in the area please follow the link and book your seat!  I am really looking forward to meeting everyone and having some fun putting this project together with the fabulous Graphic 45 Couture collection.  I will share the sample with you on my return.

Just a gentle reminder about voting for me in the Crafty Academy Awards!

I am nominated in four categories:

The Best Steam Punk
The Best Cards
The Best Mixed Media
The Best Tutorials

I would love it if you could show your support and take a minute to vote for me.  Just email Betty at Let her know you are voting for me, Helen Allen, and of course which categories - All of them, one of them, two of them or three of them!!!!

Voting closes on 31st October.  Every vote counts!  Do I sound like a politician????  Probably not because I say what I mean and you can believe me when I say I really appreciate your support!

Thank you for popping by




  1. Eeeekk!! This is so so exciting Helen! Now I will have every reason to purchase said instructions and be making super gifts with your pack. I've loved this idea from the get go, but lacking the faith I would be able to cut all those pieces or even find the where-with-all to do it, but now I will be able to! I have some beautiful papers I can use too. Not G45 but nice anyway ;)
    I hope the peeps in Cornwall know how lucky they are to get first dibs on this amazing kit, hehe.
    Have a super weekend Helen. Give us a shout when it's up for sale huh? ((hugs)) xox

    1. Will do Mo! I look forward to seeing your Pyramid. I know it looks tricky but broken down into steps it is all about taking your time and being accurate and the kit definitely makes the accuracy bit easier! Night Night Helen x

  2. oooh, very cool indeed! Congratulations! xx

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  4. Hi Helen, we saw your pyramids on Tuesday before the workshop. We are on holiday and went into Scrapbook Magic and got talking to Margaret. They look amazing. Please let us know how much the chipboard kits are and how to get the instructions. Thanks

    1. Hi there Ken, so happy you liked my Pyramid Mini. I had a fabulous time teaching this class at Scrapbook Magic. We had a lot of fun and I was thrilled to see everyone achieve such wonderful results.

      The instructions are available either by clicking on the Pyramid Mini Paypal button on the left hand sidebar of my blog or by clicking on the link to my etsy shop. The ETSY shop link is quickest as the workshop is forwarded to you on payment (£8). The chipboard kits will be up very shortly - I have to get the postage worked out Monday/Tuesday and then they will appear on my etsy shop too! The kits are £8 also plus P&P. If you can wait until Wednesday they should be up and ready to buy - I will let you know via this comment when they are ready. I am so excited to be selling my first kits with my workshop and I will be busy over the next couple of months bringing more kits and more workshops for fun projects like the Pyramid Mini so don't forget to hit the subscribe button here, on my You Tube and on my Facebook as I always make sure to let everyone know. Margaret will be your other port of call for the chipboard kits but I know she has sold out presently. Thank you so much for your interest and I really hope you have as much fun as we did in Cornwall building our Pyramids! Kind Regards Helen

    2. Hi Ken just letting you know the kits are now available along with the workshop for the Pyramid Mini over on my ETSY shop - link on the left hand side bar.

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