Tuesday 6 May 2014

Announcing The Celebration Cake Mini Album Online Workshop……At Last!

Hi Everyone

I am so excited!!!  At last my new online workshops is finished and up for sale.  This one has taken me a while to complete as I wanted to make sure my instructions were as clear to follow as possible and I wanted to include as many ideas and versions as I could.  If you have purchased my workshops before you will know quality and versatility are very important to me.  So here it is the perfect project for you to make to mark any special occasion in your life or in those of your friends and family.

I made a little advert which is now on You Tube so please take a look to see first hand what I am offering:

Now for the versatility - check out these ideas and I am sure there are many, many more!  This is my Birthday version.

It was given to mark a 40th Birthday and the Mini was filled with photos of the 40 years of the birthday girl's life.  The little tags were signed by all the party guests with lots of loving messages and good wishes.

I think you will agree it makes a wonderful and thoughtful gift.  I made the Christmas version during the filming of the workshop and although this one is going to contain photos of our Family Christmas this year I had a thought that you could also decorate it with Snowflakes and put photos of a Skiing holiday in the Mini!

Then I made a New Baby Version which houses a mini all decorated and ready to add photos and journalling of baby's first year.

The file for the Journalling and Photo prompts comes free with this Workshop.

Last but definitely not least is this Wedding version.

This wedding cake has 3 albums.  I suggest the bottom tier is for photos and journalling of the wedding.  The middle one for photos of the honeymoon and the top tier could be one for your wedding guests to sign for the bride and groom.  Although I do not make this in the videos I do give you all the tips and measurements you need to be able to make this 3 tier version.

This is an exciting online workshop with a ton of potential for you to personalise this for your special occasions and for the special people in your life.

Once you purchase this item you have unlimited access to the workshop videos.  You can join me in my virtual classroom any time day or night and from anywhere in the world!

So to purchase your copy you can do so by pressing the button on my sidebar or by clicking on this link to visit my ETSY shop.  All this is yours for only £8.00.

As with all my workshops my Angel and Copyright Policy applies and it is outlined on the last page of the Photo Instructions or click on this link to read them now.

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