Wednesday 21 May 2014


I am a bit late posting as I have been out and about this sunny morning but I have a free afternoon so I can enjoy a spot of desk hopping and catching up with my WOYWW pals.  I also have a May tag to finish off for 12 Tags of 2014 so a very pleasant afternoon for me!

Here is that work in progress on my filming desk.  I took my photos in natural light as the sun is shining here so there is a definite contrast between light and shade in my desk shots today.

ooooooo look at that messy craft mat!  The sun is really drawing attention to the smudges and paper bits!  As you can see I have made all my little paper quilt pieces and I am ready to go embellishment hunting to finish off my tag.  I have always liked this look so it is fun to try it out this month.

As always when I work on my 12 Tags of 2014 there is the chance to rummage through my Tim supplies as you can see from this shot.  I never use all I get out but it is just nice to remind yourself what you have!!! tee hee - Mind you I notice an absence of the little heart charms that Tim used on his tag so I also add to my wish list along the way.  It is all part of the fun.  I wonder if anyone else is working on this challenge today.

You can also see the corner of my 2014 tag storage that I completed yesterday.  It is filling up nicely and the year is just flying by.

As we are having sunshine here in the UK I am dividing my time between the craft room and the garden.  I was sitting admiring my lovely clean water feature (boy did it smell!) gurgling away when a blackbird popped by to collect some grass for her nest.  The dog got a quick brush incase she wanted to add a fleecy liner to her new home!

Can you spot what happened when I clicked the camera button?  That smudge is one startled blackbird!  Can you see at the top of the photo a pile of earth and to the top right a hole behind a brick wall?  That will soon be our second water feature!  Hubby has been hard at work digging out a pond.  It is amazing how much earth seems to pile up in comparison to the hole!

That's it from me so I am now off to link up over at Stamping Ground so I can check out how everyone else is spending their day!  If you love crafting and having a little nosey around then follow this link to a wonderful bunch of crafters sharing their work desks and their creativity today.

Happy WOYWW to you all and thank you for popping by x

P.S.  If anyone other than my Swap partner wants to swap ATCs with me please leave me a comment I have 7 left…..or will have when they are made!!!!  I love swaps ;-)


  1. I like where your tag is headed. It's hard to stay inside when the weather is so nice outside. That clean water feature is really interesting, love the sound of running water.

    If you still have an ATC that's unclaimed I would like to swap with you, you can find my e-amil on my post.
    Krisha #69

  2. Oh how fun!!! I prefer your white mat to my green one....but I have had mine from my quilting days and it does the job of protecting the surface well but I DO like the way your white one looks. Oh look at that lovely tag!!! It's a beauty! Love seeing all your TH fun!!!! Beautiful water feature!!!! Love the photos of the black bird and his fleeing! Happy WOYWW! #66angie

  3. hi you look set for afun afternoon. i never get to hop sbout until the evening because of work ( and now the gym)
    lovethe patchwork look ofthe tag
    janet #24

  4. Great post, Helen - lots of interest! I need to catch up with your videos but have been so busy lately that my email inbox is overflowing and I haven't had a chance. Craft mats - when possible I work on a "scratch paper" and clean off my stamps and brushes etc. on it before wasting all that paint in the water pot, and eventually some gorgeous abstract designs build up - if I remember to keep them to a fairly limited colour palette I end up with some useful backgrounds.

    Love the water feature - do post some photos when the others are complete! A friend on a forum I'm on had awful trouble with his water feature drying up all the time, and he had to keep topping it up with water, until one day he caught his big dog in the act - drinking hugely from the fountain lol!!

    Thanks for your visit and lovely comment. The new pens I've got are as fine as my Zentangle ones, so will be dual purpose for that and for mixed media. I've also got one Faber Castell grey brush pen for shading. The brush pens come in every colour under the sun! As for making art from unusual stuff, what about my poultry grit, and lambs' tail docking rings? Wherever I go I keep my beady eye open for anything that might make art lol! Glad you like my knitting, too. There will certainly be photos of the finished article!

    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi #37

  5. Your tag is looking gorgeous Helen - I'm still promising myself that I will catch up with the Tags of 2014 and like you I'm gradually building up my collection of Tim stuff! What amazes me is that the Distress Inks I first bought five years ago still work! I bought re-inkers for some of them, but still havene't had to use them. Fab tag storage too, I think Tim would approve!
    Love your water feature, very "zen" - I love to look at them but I'm too lazy to build or clean them!
    I would love to swap ATCs with you - I've been out of the loop for a couple of weeks so haven't got around to arranging anything - I will put my email on my blog if you want to get in touch. Happy WOYWW :o) Annie C #57

  6. Your Tim tag is coming along nicely. I've still to do mine, will probably get it done just in the nick of time. :-)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier and for the nice comments.

    Happy Woyww,

    Sandy #58

  7. Poor startled blackbird . I get a few photos like that, normally as the kids run away from my camera! Lovely wTer feature and tag
    Famfa 61

  8. Thank you for sharing your creativity...

  9. Your tag is gorgeous - I do love Tim stuff! And in the garden, the water feature ... wow! Have a great week, Chris # 17

  10. Hi there, I love that tag and thanks for sharing it with us.
    Have a great week and happy crafting, Angela x 41

  11. Your tag is looking very cool! I know how hard it is to get a good bird shot... I've been trying with our hummingbirds but them little rascals are just too fast! Thanks for popping by and Happy WOYWW!
    Carol N #60

  12. Love the idea of sewing on a tag! Hope you post photos of the finished pond. Diane #55

  13. Sunshine, we are not getting much of that here as we are into Autumn and it's getting colder. Lovely water feature wow and a pond too. I have a pond out the sideway that need serious attention, send hubby over will you. Your tag is looking great but that tag trolley I want one, loved last years and love this one too. Have a great week and hopefully you will get a tan along with beautiful fresh air.

    Happy WOYWW
    Eliza & Yoda 26

  14. Hasn't the weather been great, but only in small doses as it doesn't want us to enjoy it too much.
    Would love to swap ATCs. Your tags are looking good. I can never get chance to play before the month is out lately. Maybe once the Quilt Exhibition is over.

  15. Excellent tag Helen. I look forward to watching the video. Your water feature is lovely. I was looking at some the other day but decided I'm too lazy, lol. I love the sound of water. Well, except the midnight drip dripping of a broken tap mind you, haha. Hope your weather is kind today - it's dull & wet here :D *hugs* xx

  16. Waiting with interest to see that tag of yours finished.
    Thanks for the compliment re the Flat Susan Blog - glad you enjoyed it. I hosted a Flat Jocelyn a couple of years ago for a friend's little girl in America and the idea was born. Thought Shrink Plastic might be more durable. The idea took off and she is having a ball. Think I need to check on all her travel companions (passport etc) so will have her call home when she gets back from Oz.
    Hugs, Neet

  17. Anonymous15:32

    Your tag-in-progress looks great. I haven't been very good about participating this year so far, but I can always go back and catch up. Thanks for your visit & happy WOYWW. ~ Laura #64

  18. Great start to your tag. I'm a big fan of stitching paper. I love going through my supplies too. Beautiful water feature. Thanks for visiting me earlier in the week : ). #63


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