Tuesday 27 August 2013

Work In Progress

Hi everyone, its a lovely sunny day again today.  It was fab yesterday too.  Unusual for a bank holiday in the UK ;-) I am going to balance my day with more painting in Callum's Room (my MIL is coming on Friday!), my Tim August tag video and sitting in the sun - I think I need a timetable!!

Here is the mural a little further on.

I hope this is recognisable as New York!  The lights are now on.  I have been putting off tackling the face of the girl as I don't want to mess it up!!!

Today I will white out the final two little murals I painted!  Boo Hoo!  Another 5 coats of white but first a removal job for the boys to get this wardrobe out of the alcove - I expect a lot of cobwebs to be revealed!!!

So long Dexter - you have been hanging around long enough ;-)  Is that DeeDee coming out of the closet - sorry couldn't resist that one ;-)

....and my other job today is to finish off my August tag video.  Had to have a break in proceedings to upload the content of my memory card to my computer.

Hope you are having fun in the sun and in your craft room too!

Thanks for popping by X

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  1. New York is looking fabulous Helen. I think the lady looks fab without a face, but that's just my inate laziness I'm afraid, haha.
    Hope you managed to get your August tag completed :o) x


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